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Program summary
19 months
Beijing, Shanghai, Washington D.C
Executive MBA

Program description

The Smith EMBAThe Smith EMBA program is more than a degree program—we like to think of it as a 19-month-long executive development experience. That experience is dynamic and life-changing, opening your mind to the essence of strategy, broadening your circle of connections to include new peers and faculty, and developing your ability to lead in ways that are difficult to imagine.

What is a 19-month executive development experience? It includes core courses that cover the critical business disciplines in any MBA program, but the similarities with other programs end there.  Unlike traditional education programs, Smith EMBA eschews a linear approach. Rather, we have found that seasoned professionals learn best when concepts are viewed, reshaped and reinforced from multiple perspectives at every point in the program.

The Smith EMBA program is an executive development experience focused on outcomes. We seek only two for you: wisdom and the ability to lead others. Wisdom is the integrated understanding of the actions necessary to produce sustained organization performance. Leadership is the capacity to mobilize people in the execution of collective actions that will produce sustained performance.  With these two outcomes, you will have the power to impact your organization’s performance in unparalleled ways.

May you make the best use of the knowledge, experience and understanding gained here. May you use good judgment in all decisions. And may you have a positive impact on your organization and society.

EMBA Program Structure: Classes held all day Fridays and Saturdays, every other weekend (U.S.) in a cohort setting; anchored by two one week-long residencies.

Application and Admission Requirements

The Smith EMBA is designed for executives with an average of 10 years of progressive professional experience and at least 3 years of managerial experience.

Admission Requirements for the EMBA:

  • Minimum 8 years of professional experience; Suggested 3 years of management experience; Four-year bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • GMAT is not required
  • Two recommendations from senior staff at applicant's organization
  • Letter of sponsorship
  • Interview Required
  • TOEFL scores or equivalent (if applicable)

The Smith EMBA Program features

  • A systems thinking approach to business
  • Builds executive competency via a formalized leadership development program
  • Individualized executive coaching and mastery coursework
  • Global electives
  • Action Learning Projects
  • Business simulation capstone experience

Expenses / Tuition Fees

Executive MBA tuition is $94,000. Tuition is all-inclusive and covers all courses, books and required materials, student and administrative fees, parking, accommodations, and meals. There is no differentiation between in-state and out-of-state tuition. Executive MBA scholarships are available.

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University of Maryland: Smith

The Smith School – changing lives, starting with your own

The Smith School at The University of Maryland has become one of the world's leading business schools in transforming its curriculum to reflect the needs of leadership for a global economy powered by entrepreneurship & technology. Smith School of Business...

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University of Maryland: Smith

Robert H. Smith School of Business
College Park, MD 20742 University of Maryland, Washington, DC

Phone no: 301-405-2189

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