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The Freeman Executive MBA

Tulane University: Freeman
Program summary
18 months
Houston, New Orleans
Executive MBA

Program description

The New Orleans EMBA is an advanced, accelerated MBA program that leads to a Tulane MBA degree in only 18 months. Alternate weekend classes along with two weeklong intensive sessions and an 8-day international seminar provide a convenient platform for busy managers and executives to earn a graduate business degree.

Leading with Excellence

We began our first EMBA program in New Orleans in 1982, over 25 years ago. We have initiated a new EMBA class each year, offering a superior MBA program and Tulane's top-notch faculty to local and regional managers and their companies. Our longevity and unwavering commitment to excellence has helped us to grow into one of the best EMBA programs in the world.

Focus on Success

EMBA students bring years of experience to the program, creating a classroom that is rich with thought and insight--a think tank for managers. As you move through the courses, learning from both faculty and classmates, you explore new ideas, theories, and strategies to solve real business problems.

Managing the Details

The EMBA is designed to minimize the time you spend on the details so you can focus on gaining business and management knowledge. Exactly what does that mean to you? We handle registration, books, grades, logistics, meals, international seminar...just about everything. Essentially, we become your liaison within the Tulane community, working with other departments and vendors in your behalf. With our help, you can spend your time wisely, managing your work, personal and school responsibilities. For busy managers, earning your Tulane MBA degree becomes a realistic goal.

We conduct EMBA classes at the Freeman School of Business on Tulane's uptown New Orleans campus. Our graduate education building, Goldring/Woldenberg Hall 2, offers advanced technology, a vast array of learning resources, and superb facilities, a learning environment that is second to none.

Application and Admission Requirements

The EMBA classroom is filled with managers and executives from a variety of occupations, industries, and backgrounds. What they have in common is their level of experience in business and management decision-making and their motivation to succeed. Each candidate is evaluated based on key admission criteria detailed under program requirements.

In the EMBA, sharing your personal experiences is a large learning component. Our EMBA faculty are exceptional, and so are our students. Qualifying for the EMBA program means that with your experience and drive you can not only take advantage of this unique learning venue, but you can enhance it.

EMBA students are motivated to excel as managers and leaders in business.

They seek options for promotions, career changes, and self-fulfillment. They aspire to develop and maintain a strong, solid footing in a volatile and global business market.

EMBA students are high achievers, willing to work hard to reach their goals.
They bring significant knowledge of the issues and decisions involved in running a business or organization, but need more. Although considered expert in their fields, they need advanced business knowledge to solve complex business problems with competence, and to move their careers and their companies forward.

EMBA students are on an upward path.

They are ambitious and continually seek to better themselves. In business, they seek strategic decision making skills, sound management knowledge, and a comprehensive understanding of the principles that govern economic business conditions. They will capitalize on these competencies to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Degree and diploma etc.

EMBA graduates earn the globally recognized Tulane MBA degree, the one and only MBA degree offered at the Freeman School. Tulane's MBA programs are fully-accredited by AACSB International.

The Tulane EMBA in short

Time to Move Forward

If you are a manager or professional seeking management expertise and advancement within the ranks of business leadership, Tulane’s EMBA program can provide the knowledge and credentials that you need to meet your business and career goals.


In Tulane's prestigious Executive MBA program, you attend class on weekends and earn the Tulane MBA degree in only 18 months. The rigorous curriculum prepares you for any business challenge, and we handle all the details, so you can focus on learning.


At Tulane, class sizes are small, giving you greater interactivity in the classroom and the personal attention you deserve. Tulane's scope is global, so you are well-prepared for any business challenge. Tulane's reputation is stellar, which means your knowledge and your Tulane degree will be recognized and respected anywhere your career takes you.


World-renowned faculty, exceptional academic facilities, innovative curricula, and a long tradition of excellence make Tulane a world-class institution of higher learning.

Expenses / Tuition Fees

Tuition for the 2011-2012 New Orleans Executive MBA program is $63,000.

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Tulane University: Freeman

For the student, the Freeman School of Business is an internationally recognized set of programs. Each program is dedicated to delivering the maximum academic and professional experience. Students learn in unique settings, with challenging projects, with real-world applications. The Freeman...

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