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An Executive MBA is the ultimate degree in business education, providing experienced professionals with knowledge, skills and perspective required to take their careers to new heights.  The degree helps candidates to stand against the competition, enhancing their chances of being hired for a top position – browse the list below of EMBA programs in International Management and request information to contact admissions offices directly. 
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The popularity of the EMBA in International Management

Global companies around the world are facing numerous challenges associated with business. To deal with these challenges, companies seek out business professionals who are familiar with the economic and political environment, cross-cultural management and international strategy. By acquiring an EMBA degree in International Management, candidates can gain a greater perspective on global business and assist multinational companies in solving complex problems, as such accessing business opportunities on a global scale.

Programs developed for business professionals

A majority of EMBA programs are part-time and last on average for 18 months, allowing students to work full-time and focus on their careers while completing the degree. Classes typically take place  monthly on weekends or evenings. Although, some universities expect students to take 1-2 days off during a month to attend lessons.

Students of EMBAs in International management will often have the opportunity to travel to different countries to study the various modules covered in a program. This provides them with a global perspective on complex business issues, increases understanding of multiculturalism and expands their international network.

Covering essential topics for future executives

Executive MBA programs cover topics in business administration that are essential for organizational leaders. Financial management is an important area which explains appropriate resource allocation resulting in a firm’s growth. Key topics, such as business analysis and change management are also included, promoting candidates’ analytical and leadership skills.

New areas of studies in International Management

Recently, emerging markets have gained vast attention and become integrated into many EMBA programs. Global firms are more interested in developing regions and searching for right strategies to be implemented in these complex and yet unfamiliar regions.

Sustainability is another new phenomenon that is included in IM Executive MBA programs. Executives have to raise the awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in companies to contribute to a sustainable business environment.

Advancing career opportunities

Completing an EMBA in international management opens many doors for recent graduates. For some candidates, the degree puts them in the spotlight for higher level positions in multinational corporations. Other Executive MBA students may receive a promotion at their existing company, becoming a top manager responsible for international operations.

Executive MBA in International Management – exploring the benefits

An executive MBA degree with a specialization in IM gives candidates a valued set of new skills which are crucial for business leaders. Students will acquire a fresh perspective on international business administration learning more about various cultures, international strategies and emerging markets.

Delegates with an EMBA degree in International Management understand how to minimize risks and explore opportunities, making them qualified candidates for leadership roles in organizations. Begin your career in top management today – apply for Executive MBA in International Management today!


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