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2 Degree in Maths 10/24/2012   R. I am graduate in maths honours, now i am planning to do mba , please tell me in which stream i will do mba
2 How reputable are online MBAs? 10/16/2012   Julia Hello all, I'm looking into online MBAs, and have a small concern about how reputable they are. Does anyone have any programs they can recommend or have heard good things about? What should i ...
2 What is the difference between Global MBA and International MBA? 10/16/2012   Ronaldo Hi everyone, I'm considering which MBA to take - and i'm interested in international aspects of MBAs - but what is the difference between a Global MBA and an International MBA? Any ideas? Ron
0 Urban and Regional Planning 10/12/2012   D. does mba specializing in project management have any relations if i have a bachelor's degree in urban and regional planning?
0 Aviation management programs 10/11/2012   aate i will graduate this coming february 2013. I am looking for a course in aviation management - any recommendations?
1 Which is the best Oil & Gas program? 10/10/2012   Thomas Hi i am looking for a degree program that will help my career in the Oil & Gas industry - don't know where to start......
1 Management Information Systems 10/5/2012   Amma I'm a librarian can I do MBA Aviation Management or Management Information Systems?
1 General Info 10/4/2012   Misan My name is Misan Eribo a graduate of Estate Management from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, osun state, Nigeria. I currently work in a Global Financial brand I.e. An Asset Management comp...
0 Engineering MBA 10/4/2012   R. I finished a degree in Engineering. What MBA major subject can I take?
1 Healthcare MBA 10/4/2012   Janice Is there a difference between an MBA in Healthcare management vs. Healthcare administration?
1 Oxford / Rochester MBA 10/4/2012   Sumit Hello, I have an admit for the 1 year MBA at Oxford and the 2 year MBA at Rochester. The total expenses for the 1 year Oxford MBA is almost same as the total expense for the 2 years Rochester ...
1 MBA in Strategic Management - how to register? 10/3/2012   xuseiman i am degree of HRM but i register mba for strategic management
1 MBA in London 7/23/2012   Pradeep Hi, I am a marketing professional having 18 years experience. Right now I am in London and my visa is going to expire on 20th October 2012. I would like to have a MBA in London. I am graduate...
1 GMAT score 7/23/2012   ACS World Hi, I passd my B.Tech from NIT Patna in 2010 with ECE and could not make it to best IIT for M.Tech till now. Now i want to switch over to MBA. I wants to appear for MAT exams. Please list me...
0 Doctorate Degree in Business Management 7/23/2012   josphat nyoni I want to register for a Doctorate Degree in Business Management.
1 Cost of an MBA 1/30/2012   manu_chat How much does an average MBA cost?
2 Recognized Distance MBA 1/4/2012   nashnash11 I am looking for a recognized distance learning MBA. I am living in Saudi Arabia.
0 Part Time MBA without AMBA? 11/30/2011   logesh_78 I am planning to do PartTime MBA in LSBF and recently, I came to know that it does not have AMBA. Should I reconsider my choice?
0 University of Phoenix MBA Program 11/30/2011   rabaloc1 What do you think of the University of Phoenix MBA Program?
0 MBA in Management course 10/7/2011   Ato Mensah please, i want to read a management course in relation to oil and gas as a regular student not online. where and how can I do this?
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