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10/4/2012 8:21 AM   Janice

Is there a difference between an MBA in Healthcare management vs. Healthcare administration?

RE: Healthcare MBA
3/28/2014 8:41 AM   SearchMBA

Hi Janice,

That is an excellent question. Though it can be difficult, distinguishing the two is very important, since it can have a significant effect on career options.

While both titles seem to apply to the same thing, the primary difference is in the level management within a health care organization. An MBA in HealthCare Management focuses on management of the overall operations such as policies, accounting and facilities management. An MBA in Healthcare Administration relates more to day-to-day operations management such as staffing and keeping up on current research, treatments and methodologies. In order to save on costs, some smaller organizations might even combine the two roles.

When considering which option might be best for you, I'd recommend sitting down with a career counselor or speaking with people who are working in the industry.

Good luck!


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