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10/4/2012 8:20 AM   Sumit

Hello, I have an admit for the 1 year MBA at Oxford and the 2 year MBA at Rochester. The total expenses for the 1 year Oxford MBA is almost same as the total expense for the 2 years Rochester MBA. I am an Indian citizen and planning to work internationally for a few years in finance/consulting fields. My background - B.Tech from NITW in 2008, CFA Level 3 passed, FRM certified, 3+ years of experience in the Carbon Asset Management industry. I need advice in selection of University Regards, Sumit

RE: Oxford / Rochester MBA
4/3/2014 8:22 AM   SearchMBA

Hi Sumit,

In terms of ranking, Oxford (no. 22 worldwide according to Financial Times) supercedes Rochester (no.55). That being said, these are still very impressive rankings from a global perspective and both are excellent schools in their own rights.

The length of each MBA is also worth considering since it sets the pace of your learning experience (a 1 year programme will be much more intense)- you may also think about licing expenses for 1 versus 2 years.

Since you are wanting to work internationall folllowing your MBA and because a large component of MBAs is the networking aspect, the school you choose will likely effect where you end up working folloing the program. Being an Indian citizen, you might find it easier to gain the necessary permits and visas from the UK rather than the United States.

Good luck!


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