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Marketing is a vast topic in modern business that is responsible for satisfying customers’ needs by delivering outstanding services and products. Throughout a marketing program, candidates progress their knowledge of the product cycle - from development to promotion and distributing. Students pursuing a degree in marketing are valued candidates and can secure a job in all corners of the world. Start your international career with a degree in marketing - Browse the list of Marketing programs and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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Marketing – a link between various business areas

The majority of marketing programs do not focus solely on marketing, but rather represent marketing as a major organizational function that generates a firm’s profit. Such topics as finance, strategic and operational management, IT and economics are often integrated into marketing programs to increase a candidate’s understanding of an organizational environment.

Is a program in marketing the right choice?

A degree in marketing is indeed a very attractive specialization, as it provides graduates with an endless choice of career paths across various industrial sectors. Marketing programs provide candidates with a broad knowledge of relevant theories such as marketing mix and trends as well as strategy implementation. A degree in marketing enables candidates to pursue further studies in business management and advance their career opportunities towards managerial positions.

In contrast to other business disciplines, marketing programs seek out candidates with a specific set of personal traits. Despite different backgrounds marketing students have many common qualities – creativity, self-motivation and team spirit. These are necessary skills that help candidates understand a consumer and provide them with the most appropriate solution.

Key topics covered in a marketing program

Programs emphasize the importance of marketing and its relationship to other business functions. Students will develop their knowledge in the value creation process, marketing management and buyer behavior, enabling to build effective marketing strategies and create value for a seller and a buyer.

To maintain a balance between theory and practice, guest speakers are often invited to hold lectures. Candidates gain access to the latest business cases and trends and get an insight on practical aspects of an organizational management. This also creates a possibility to gain vital business connections which provide with a wide range of career opportunities.

The importance of relationship building

One of the main focuses in any marketing program is the relevance of developing and managing a continued relationship with customers, suppliers, partners, competitors and other actors. It is vital to follow generally accepted marketing values such as responsibility, honesty and fairness. Marketing professionals need to consider customers’ interests and hold responsibly for their actions.

Exploring a wide range of career opportunities

Throughout a marketing program, candidates study the various aspects of marketing, such as advertising, services, marketing and communication management. Due to in-depth knowledge in various business areas, graduates can apply for a job in numerous firms across various industries world-wide. Depending on candidate’s main focus during the program, positions can vary from marketing assistance to researchers.

Marketing professionals are in-demand candidates for every type of organizations due to broad knowledge in various business areas. Study key elements of a value creation process and enjoy your career opportunities – apply for a marketing degree!


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