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EMBA programs at Business Schools in China

Studying for an Executive MBA degree in China is the first step to shaping a global career. China is home to many of the world's multinational companies and leading financial institutions. A Chinese Master of Business Administration is the key to launching a lucrative career with multi-national firms and expanding business development opportunities by becoming part of a vibrant network of like-minded business administration professionals. Executives studying for a Master of Business Administration can take the opportunity to network with dynamic, ambitious professionals from around the world. Compare the executive MBA programs offered at prestigious Chinese Business Schools and universities and seize the opportunities that arise with an EMBA title from an accredited institution. Submit an 'Information request' on the course pages listed below to receive direct assistance for your application from the admission offices of Chinese business schools.
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More about Executive MBA Programs in China

The value of an Executive MBA title from a Chinese Business School

A Master of Business Administration from a country that is soon to become the next global super power is the key to launching a successful career in business. Executive Masters of Business Administration from China provide graduates with a range of skills, such as financial accounting, corporate strategy and governance and marketing management. China's top business schools have outstanding learning facilities to ensure that executives get the most out of studying for an executive MBA. Chinese EMBA's feature in the top twenty of the Financial Times ranking of all business schools.

Curriculum for a Master of Business Administration from China

China has an excellent range of world class executive MBA courses, which allow executives to specialize in particular areas of interest. Executives studying for an EMBA can learn about the globalization of China's economies and explore the dynamics of state owned enterprises and private companies. An EMBA will equip executives with knowledge about the spectacular rise of China's economy in world economic history.

An Executive MBA from China: a Global Super Power

Study for a Master of Business Administration in a country that is soon to be a global superpower. Business analysts have suggested that China will eventually eclipse the US as a global superpower. A survey shows that 53% of Brits and 33% of US citizens think that China is already the leading global economy. Studying for an EMBA in China is the fastest route to a successful career in a country, that is soon to be a global superpower.

Find Your EMBA in China

You will find a range of Executive MBA programs with Chinese Business schools listed above. You can compare business schools and programs and read student reviews to find the most suitable EMBA. Use the information request form to contact the Business Schools and they will send you further details about their Executive MBA programs.


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