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In the forum you can discuss MBA Programs, MBA topics, Business Schools, MBA admission and other questions about an MBA program with other future students.


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7 Difference between MBA and PGDM 1/11/2017   abhik What do MBA and PGDM stand for? MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a degree, while PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is a diploma program. As per the norms of the UGC, Colleg...
1 RE: Is a PGDM recognized? 12/28/2016   swatirane PGDM is offered by autonomous institutes and such institutes cannot offer a degree as they are not affiliated to any university. They are recognised by AICTE. ITM Institute offers pgdm program...
8 RE: What is an Executive MBA? 11/28/2016   PratikRane Executive mba is for working professionals like executives, managers and work experience is a must. Regular mba does not require work experience. ITM Institute offers executive mba programs in...
1 How to improve my profile as a candidate for admission? 10/14/2016   Passionate Aspirant Sir, I am a student of B.A. Hon. Economics. I aspire to do MBA from a reputed institute, even out of India if possible. What should I do to make my profile more suitable? Add-on courses? Extra...
0 IT pre-sales Vs Business data analyst 9/6/2016   Naveen Kadiyam I am confused what to chose . Pre-sales Vs Business data analytics. Some guide me by telling pros and cons of both
0 MBA in tourism. 8/7/2016   Rohan Hi I have done my graduation in tourism management and have a work experience of 2yrs with a MNC company in travel trade only. Now I am planning to pursue my MBA in tourism from Australia or n...
1 B-School Interview dressing techniques 8/4/2016   B-School Inteview tips A lot has been debated over what us the prefect attire for B-School Interviews.Well different B-Schools have different requirements, but to give you an outline please go through the details be...
3 RE: How old are people in MBA programs? 7/20/2016   Eliza I think 27 is the average age, so you will not be a grandpa :)
3 RE: Fresh graduates or experienced ones? 7/20/2016   Eliza I agree. I think that both have their benefits. MBA programs (more than other grad programs), however tend to look for candidates with more work expereience
0 IE or HEC 7/11/2016   tg001 Hello everyone I have been admitted to both IE & HEC MBA prog for 2017 Jan intake. I understand that similar questions have popped on this forum earlier as well, but I believe your inputs woul...
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