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7/11/2016 10:46 AM   tg001

Hello everyone I have been admitted to both IE & HEC MBA prog for 2017 Jan intake. I understand that similar questions have popped on this forum earlier as well, but I believe your inputs would help me a lot. I am an Indian, commerce background, 4 yrs experience Risk Advisory – FMCG Retail, Middle East. Wish to start post MBA as strategy manager, eventually moving to General Mgmt in the long run - FMCG. Can you please advise which one I should choose: 1. Ok with coming back to Gulf, but would love to have some experience in Europe. I understand Europe is no match for savings in tax free Gulf, but would be happy to work at a not-so-hot place for a change (but not in a job that pays peanuts, some difference is ok). 2. Learning itself is a big factor as well. Want to really come out transformed. 3. I understand IE has had better rankings than HEC for long (in Financial Times at least, where IE forms group A & HEC group B), but how does it all pan out in the job market, with their respective locations, placements & network? Appreciate your inputs!

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