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5/5/2014 11:43 AM   Ansari

What is the difference between an Executive MBA and a regular MBA?

RE: What is an Executive MBA?
5/13/2014 8:25 AM   SearchMBA

Hi Ansari,

That is a great question. The main difference is target group of applicants for each type of program and of course, all of the associated factors which accompany it.

A standard MBA is designed for individuals with 3-5+ years of managerial experience as well as exceptional individuals who show managerial potential. On the other hand, an executive MBA is designed for candidates who have closer to 6-10+ years of experience. This is a critical variation as learning material will be tailored based on the existing knowledge of the class.

Further, a standard MBA is delivered full-time, part-time and even online. Executive MBAs are usually part-time or online as candidates usually continue to work full time throughout their education. This provides a base for appliying their newfound skills immediately as well as reflects the common possibility that their company is funding their education.

That being said, most MBA specialities can be studied in a standard or executive format, so you are not excluded due insufficient experience. You can view standard MBAs (part-time - full-time) and Executive MBAs here on our site to get an idea of specific criteria and program qualities.



Full-time EMBA programs
6/2/2014 9:27 AM   Ted

I am currently looking for a full-time EMBA program that can be done quickly. My employer is financing and I would prefer to dive right in. Can you please direct me to a selection of full-time programs?

RE: Full-time EMBA programs
6/4/2014 8:18 AM   SearchMBA
Hi Ted,

Most EMBA programs are part-time as many students continue to work throughout, allowing themselves to immediately apply knowledge in the workplace. However, it is not impossible to find a full-time EMBA. Here is a list of EMBA programs, which once filtered by length, show a list of programs ranging from 12 to 16 months.

Best of luck!


RE: What is an Executive MBA?
10/10/2014 12:36 PM   Yuvraj Singh
Hi guys,

I am currently working in an IT firm in Singapore, however I want to take a step ahead in my career. I am thinking of doing an MBA. I have heard about the GMBA and EMBA course by S P Jain. But now I am confused as to which course do I opt for. Should I leave my job and go for GMBA or should i choose the part time EMBA course. Please give me your opinions. Thanks!

RE: What is an Executive MBA?
11/28/2016 5:04 AM   PratikRane

Executive mba is for working professionals like executives, managers and work experience is a must. Regular mba does not require work experience. ITM Institute offers executive mba programs in various fields.

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