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In this forum you can discuss the opportunities for studying for a MBA in European countries. Questions will be discussed by other visitors as well as guidance counselors from the specific schools.

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0 IE or HEC 7/11/2016   tg001 Hello everyone I have been admitted to both IE & HEC MBA prog for 2017 Jan intake. I understand that similar questions have popped on this forum earlier as well, but I believe your inputs woul...
1 Good business culture website? 5/20/2015   Emily I'm considering going abroad for my MBA - but I want to learn more about the business culture of other countries. What are some online resources I can check out?
1 Best MBA Accreditation for EU schools 3/17/2015   Jonathan Hey, I'm pondering getting my MBA in Europe to hopefully learn a new culture and cut down on costs. I don't want to get scammed though - can some european people out there tell me what the sta...
3 Edinburgh Napier University MBA Accreditation 1/9/2015   OLATOKUNBO Is the MBA and MBM programme of Edinburgh Napier University accredited by any the MBA accrediting agencies. Thank you
2 MBA programmes 11/8/2014   Anna I would like to select an appropriate program MBA in education management.
2 HEC Paris 11/6/2014   Liam, Is HEC Paris a good school?
4 mba in sweden 9/1/2014   punja.a please provide information on studying in sweden.
1 Are Italian MBA programs valid in other countries? 11/8/2013   Bnram is Cattolica Altis MBA Milan Italy worth while education in management and valid in other countries?
1 Human Resources MBA 10/4/2012   A. Is there a Business school or university in Norway that offers MBA programs in Human Resource Management?
0 CEO 2/24/2009   Fredrik Hi, I'm interrested in a executive MBA in London next fall. My company will pay for the MBA. I want to study perhaps one week per month over a year. It is important that the school is accre...
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