Are Italian MBA programs valid in other countries? - Forum

11/8/2013 9:15 AM   Bnram

is Cattolica Altis MBA Milan Italy worth while education in management and valid in other countries?

RE: Are Italian MBA programs valid in other countries?
3/20/2014 11:28 AM   SearchMBA

Hi Bnram,

The program you mentioned from the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is a great program from a very well-respected school. All the university programs are fully accredited by the Eurpean Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). It is not, however, accredited by the Association of MBA (AMBA), which is commonly sought after after by American and international business schools. While it is great to have several accreditations, having only one or the other does not bear great significance, especially when both are established and trusted.

That being said, there is absolutely no reason for this program or any other program from that school to be considered invalid in other countries.

Best of luck on your application,


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