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How old are people in MBA programs? - Forum

6/3/2015 1:12 PM   Jeff Price

How old are most people applying for MBAs? Is 30 an ok age or would I be the grandpa of my MBA classmates?

RE: How old are people in MBA programs?
6/30/2015 6:08 PM   aa1988

Hi, I think the average age is around 28. That means that at 30 you are definitely not too old to be getting an MBA:) There will be people who are older than you, and also people who are younger. Hope that helps!

Also, I'm sharing this free resource with you - Smartly - it's a site to prepare for business school first term before classes start. You can sign up for free to take courses in accounting, microeconomics, accounting, and finance.

RE: How old are people in MBA programs?
7/20/2016 5:58 AM   Eliza

I think 27 is the average age, so you will not be a grandpa :)

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