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8/4/2016 11:26 AM   B-School Inteview tips

A lot has been debated over what us the prefect attire for B-School Interviews.Well different B-Schools have different requirements, but to give you an outline please go through the details below. For Ladies It depends on what program you are applying for. the campus atmosphere and the time/season of year. If you are applying for a Business Management program a formal suit /skirt with formal stockings could be an option. The best idea would be to check out with the institution about what you are expected to wear. Stick to neutral colors like grey, blue or black. For shirts choose white or off white color and avoid using a heavy makeup. Shoes have to be ballet flats and a small black or neutral color purse is advisable. Small pendants, watches and ear rings are acceptable but make sure nothing is flashy. Regarding the hair make sure that it does not fall on your face and if its long then wear it in a low pony tail, half pony tail or bun. Nails should not have flashy nail paints and tattoos if any should be appropriately covered. The bottom line is that you should be comfortable and be able to carry it perfectly without hassles. Casuals like jeans and tops should ideally be avoided. For Gentlemen If you are applying to a program in a prestigious Business School, make sure that you dress up in business formals. Casuals like jeans should be avoided. Wear a formal suit with a white shirt /tie and black formal shoes and make sure that you have shaved properly on the day of interview. If due to some reason you have to keep a beard, trim it properly and professionally and avoid experiments during the D-Day. Hair should be combed properly and kept neatly. Use of sunglasses during interview is a strict no. No studs or heavy artificial/real jewelry should be visible. Tattoos if possible should be not be visible. If required call up the admission office to get an idea about the expected dress code for the interview. Hope this shall answer a lot of questions.The bottom line is that if you look good, you feel good and when you feel good , you feel confident and when you feel confident , you shall clear the B-School interview.

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