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Supply Chain Management

Programs in Supply Chain Management

In today’s competitive business environments, organizations seek out professionals with broad knowledge in supply chain management. Firms demand candidates who are able to integrate and optimize the supply chain process, from production to delivery.

Learn how to plan an accurate production amount and deliver goods and services to end users in a timely manner – Browse the list of Supply Chain Management programs below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.

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Ms in Supply Chain Management
Washington University: Olin
1 year
St. Louis
Exceptional management of the production and delivery of a firm's products and services – its supply chain – is essential....
MBA with Global Supply Chain Management
Nottingham Trent University Business School
The MBA Global Supply Chain Management program is designed to allow students to display a broad knowledge of the concepts...
Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management
GBSB Global Business School
1 year
From 14,640 EUR
Multiple (3)
Every organisation, from small enterprises to large multinationals must manage their supply chain and business operations effectively. The Master in Operations...
Master of Science in Operations and Supply Chain Management
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
By the end of the Online MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management programme, you will have a thorough understanding...
Executive MSc in Global Supply Chain Management
Nottingham University Business School
2 years
Supply chain management is a key growth area and demand is increasing for supply chain executives across manufacturing, service, and...
MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management
Kühne Logistics University
18 months
Our part-time MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management is an exciting educational experience focused on preparing high potential professionals...
MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management (Procurement and Sourcing)
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The Procurement & Sourcing specialisation track of the MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management considers all the key components...
MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management (Oil and Gas)
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The Online MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management with a specialised track in Oil & Gas will enable you...
International Business and Export Management
Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
2 years
From 3,300 EUR
This study program gives the opportunity to obtain two master's degrees simultaneously. Master's degree in social sciences from Ventspils University...
Displaying 1-9 of 9 results

The importance of supply chain management

Internet and digital technology has led to rapid changes in consumers’ demands. Such a fast-changing and globalized environment creates challenges as well as new opportunities for many firms.

Organizations are now looking for professionals with the ability to improve the supply chain by finding new and efficient ways of delivering a product to the right place and time. Candidates should be able to deal with difficulties by successfully managing teams and controlling all stages included in the supply chain process.

The aim of programs in supply chain management

Programs in supply chain management (SCM) focus on providing candidates’ with comprehensive knowledge in supply chain and cover the entire process, from selecting raw materials to delivering finished products. SCM programs highlight the importance of information and supply flow and how it affects the process.

Key courses covered in supply chain management programs

The courses taught throughout a SCM program introduce students to a broad range of business disciplines, including accounting, strategy execution, cross-cultural management and leadership. This gives candidates a global perspective and enables them to carry out the SCM process cost-effectively and manage multicultural teams.

Specialists working with supply chain management need to demonstrate outstanding communication skills as they are vital to the success of the process. As such, the majority of SCM programs integrate contract negotiation, outsourcing and relationship management programs into the curriculum to advance candidates’ communication skills.

Skills gained throughout the supply chain management program

The main goal of programs in SCM is to equip candidates with fundamental techniques and tools necessary to handle the supply chain process, such as logistics, inventory management, product development and marketing.

Many programs provide students with an opportunity to solve real-life cases, providing an opportunity to grasp how the industry functions and understand the vast management responsibilities involved in the process.

Exploring the career opportunities

Due to the technology improvement and increasing globalization. jobs in the field of SCM are constantly growing, providing candidates with generous career opportunities. Graduates with a degree in SCM gain access to a broad range of career choices consisting of jobs such as consultant, operations director, purchasing and logistics manager.

There are many positions in various organizational levels available – both in staff and line functions. Candidates will be responsible for processing of inventory, the products’ movement and storage. Graduates can also choose to pursue a consultant career and provide firms with solutions to implement an efficient flow of goods and services.

Is a program in supply chain management the right choice?

Firms are looking for individuals who can demonstrate business and analytical skills and have in-depth knowledge of IT and teamwork. SCM programs are designed to progress candidates’ leadership and communication abilities to successfully lead the supply chain process.

If you are passionate about problem solving, willing to develop you analytical thinking and eager to manage global networks then a program in supply chain management is for you!


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