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Postgraduate Studies in North America

postgraduate programs in North America

Postgraduate studies are pursued by members of the academia and professionals in order to expand their career choices, promotional opportunities and R&D opportunities. North America has some of the most developed economies in the world with top-notch professional development and educational programs. There are a wide range of postgraduate study options in North America ranging from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals to business and humanities.

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MSc in Computational Finance
Carnegie Mellon: Tepper
16 months
Multiple (2)
The Master in Computational Finance program ( MSCF ) at Carnegie Mellon offers a full-time computational finance graduate degree available...
Finance and Accounting
Rice University: Jones
4.5 days
Manage your bottom line – don’t let it manage you. The 4.5-day Certificate in Finance & Accounting program will demystify...
Master of Accounting (MAC)
University of North Carolina: Kenan-Flagler
1 year
Chapel Hill
In only 1 year, May to May, the Program prepares you with the skills and credentials that make you highly...
MS in Investment Management
Boston University School of Management
4.0 (1)
17 months
Boston, Massachusetts
Today's investment management professionals need more sophisticated management practices and professional training. Graduates need advanced analytical skills and practical understanding...
Medical and Healthcare Management
Rice University: Jones
18 months
With the changing face of medicine today, healthcare professionals are forced to wear two hats: one of medical practitioner and...
Ms in Supply Chain Management
Washington University: Olin
1 year
St. Louis
Exceptional management of the production and delivery of a firm's products and services – its supply chain – is essential....
Master of Accountancy
George Washington University
18 months
Washington D.C
The Master of Accountancy is a 30- 37.5 credit program designed to prepare students for high-level professional careers in the...
Emerging Leaders Program
Rice University: Jones
12 days
The Emerging Leaders Program prepares high-potential employees to succeed in management positions . Through an interactive process of assessments, class...
Master of Accountancy (M.Ac.)
University of Iowa: Tippie
Iowa (state)
Ready to further develop your accounting expertise? By completing the Tippie College's Master of Accountancy (M.Ac.) Program, you'll satisfy the...
Boston College MSc in Finance
Boston College: Carroll
1 year
Boston, Massachusetts
The Boston College Finance MS Program is a world-class degree taught by a world-class faculty. The highly-ranked faculty commands the...
The Master of Finance (MF)
Schulich School of Business
12 months
The Master of Finance (MF) is one of the new and exciting initiatives at the Schulich School of Business. Due...
Displaying 1-11 of 11 results

Postgraduate studies in North America

North America, the third largest continent by area, hosts United States, Canada, Mexico and Greenland. Some of the best universities and colleges in the world are present in North America providing flagship programs in management, executive education, medicine, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, humanities and social sciences. The most prolific economic sectors in the continent are diversified such as marketing, services, public administration, tourism, hospitality, finance, banking, real estate, investment and securities banking. The master’s degrees and doctorate degrees are usually two years and 6 years (might vary from institution to institution) long respectively.

Postgraduate degrees and important features

Postgraduate degrees are known to enhance professional skills, broaden skills in analysis, statistics, theories and problem solving. In North America, many different forms of postgraduate degrees are offered ranging from masters of science in engineering to masters of social science in humanities and masters of arts in music.

There are different formats of master’s degrees offered in North America such as postgraduate master’s degrees (MA, MS, MPA, MPC, MPP, MBA, MCom), executive master’s degrees (EMBA), Integrated master’s degrees (these are usually offered in combination with undergraduate degrees) and postgraduate research master’s degrees (MRes, MARes, MScRes, MPhil).

Doctorate degrees are the highest academic diplomas offered and they are offered in different formats such as research doctorate, licentiates, post-doctoral (post- PhD degrees), professional doctorate, honorary and professorship degrees.

Acclaimed education in North America

Canada and the United States of America boast some of the best universities in the world which are mostly included in the top 50 in the world university rankings.

Some acclaimed universities in USA include Harvard University, Princeton, MIT, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Northwestern, Brown, John Hopkins and New York University among many other successful ones.

Canada too has a list of acclaimed universities and colleges which are all known for their top-notch flagship programs in engineering, executive education and healthcare programs. Some of these are namely University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, York University, University of Waterloo, McGill University and McMaster University.

Career prospects of professionals with postgraduate degrees

Pursuing postgraduate education requires a lot of commitment and monetary investment, but the outcomes are very promising in terms of employment and promotional opportunities such as executive being promoted to managerial positions. Some common fields which make postgraduate degrees mandatory are teaching, law and medicine. Postgraduate degrees such as business management and executive education programs come in handy for diverging into different careers such shifting from pharmaceuticals to engineering or information systems analyses.  Postgraduate studies contribute to professionals’ transferrable skills such as project management, networking and team building skills.

North America has several multinational giants in different sectors located with their headquarters here such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, P&G, Big 4 Accounting firms, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, PWC, BCG corporations. Professionals pursuing postgraduate studies in North America will find abundant opportunities for advancement and employment in these companies and regionally renowned corporations.


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