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Spain is home to some of the top business schools worldwide and with a bustling economy, presents a world of opportunity to for MBA candidates. When earning an MBA in Spain, candidates earn much more than a degree, they gain unique insight into Spanish, European and global business. Gain fresh perspectives today - Browse top MBA programs in Spain in the list below and 'request information' to get in touch with admissions officers directly.
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The Spanish Business Scene

The ever changing world of business and education means that the choice of where to study for an MBA program has become much more widespread than in the 20th century. Travelling to different countries to take part in an MBA in business program has become far more common, with Spain amongst the top choices for many delegates looking for a top educational institution in an attractive and forward thinking location. With a varied and developed economy, Spain offers MBA candidates some of the world’s most attractive MBA programs, excellent opportunities at top multi-national organizations and the possibility to network with Spanish business leaders.

Spain – A Top Destination

Spain has a number of cities and towns that are renowned for innovative and cutting-edge thinking. With modern infrastructure and large investments in business and education, Spain has much to offer an MBA candidate.

In addition to a rich and colorful culture, Spain is home to a wide range of educational institutions that are known and respected around the world. Travelling to Spain for a Master in Business Administration means more than just learning business within the Spanish context – it means access to world-class business schools and the high-quality faculty to match. Universities in Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona and many more cities are internationally accredited by key accrediting bodies, such as the AACBS, AMBA and EQUIS. As such, graduates of Spanish business schools are attractive and sought after by employers. Ultimately, completing an MBA in Spain translates into a powerful qualification for a business career in Spain, Europe or other corners of the earth.

Alongside the chance to study at respected forward thinking educational institutions in a varied economy, Spain is also a popular destination for visitors and immigrants from around the World. The Mediterranean climate means there is almost year round sun and warm weather, which allows the ancient cities and modern attractions to be explored throughout the year. Participants in a business MBA program also have the chance to explore different cultures found in different regions, such as the Catalan area around Barcelona and the sophisticated culture of the capital, Madrid. Travelling to the coast can also be a great option, with some of the most popular beaches and tourism areas in Europe.

MBA Programs in Spain for Spanish & Global Business

The varied choices of businesses within the Spanish economy makes it a perfect choice for studying for an MBA. The choices of industrial sectors that can be explored through studying in Spain include the agricultural, transportation and clean energy sectors. The modern economy of Spain gives participants in business MBA programs the chance to explore these industries and make business contacts that can be kept when the program is over and a career begins.

As an internationally recognized degree and the preferred qualification in business, Spanish MBA programs cater to professionals of all origins and interests. Regardless of your professional goals, an MBA from a Spanish business school can provide you with the skills you need. Not just for the Spanish and European economies, MBA candidates emerge from Spanish business schools with a global perspective.


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