Human Resources MBAs in Spain

MBA programs in HR are offered by top business schools and provide graduates with a competitive. In an MBA specialized in HR in Spain, you will develop your knowledge and skills in Human Resources, while also enhancing your business sense and expertise. Professionals looking to advance their career in business and HR - look to Spain for career, networking and learning opportunities that will kick-start your professional career. Below, you will find a list of competitive MBAs in HR in Spain.
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MBAs in HR in Spain

MBA programs in Spain are usually provided by the top universities with specialized education programs in the executive sector. MBAs are usually provided in a traditional classroom format followed by a fixed duration of internship period for corporate exposure. MBAs in HR are available in various formats including part-time, full-time and accelerated one-year programs. Some MBAs are even offered online for professionals seeking flexibility and convenience in attending classes and examinations.

The business and commercial sector of Spain is highly advanced and includes a thriving professional and training industry. Human Resource is one of the most vital functions of the company which includes maintaining structure in the organisation and motivating for better performance. Many universities in Spain are highly acclaimed for their postgraduate education in HR.

MBAs in Human Resources

In the present competitive business world, the importance of having an MBA cannot be undermined especially with globalization being the trend of the season. MBAs in HR are especially useful for professionals looking to further their careers in Human Resources and the training department of various organizations. An MBA in HR outlines many important concepts in business and organizational functions, such as:

  •         Accounting
  •         Business Analysis
  •         International human resources
  •         Business Ethics and Law
  •         Marketing
  •         Leadership essentials
  •         Organizational Behavior and Development

An MBA in HR instills important skills in professionals like management, decision-making, leadership, motivational and interpersonal skills.

Human Resources responsibilities

HR managers across organization are given the vital responsibility of handling their employees, motivating them in times of need and continuously evaluating their performances and providing feedback to them. Some of their key roles and responsibilities include hiring employees, managing teams, conducting seminars, workshops, training development programs and work sessions, all of which are covered in a MBA in HR. They are also responsible for taking care of employee needs and ensuring safe and healthy practices for the organization including payment of salaries and other compensation benefits for the organization.

Spain and its opportunities

Spain, one of the most developed countries in Europe, is the world’s fourteenth largest economy by nominal GDP. It is a major supporting member among renowned organizations of the world such as United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the Council of Europe (CoE), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The most advanced and thriving industries in Spain are manufacturing, finance, IT and energy sector. Spain harbors some of the biggest multinational companies in the world such as Abengoa, Mondragon Corporation, Ferrovial, Acciona, ACS and OHL. The business and commercial sector in Spain is on the rise and so is the demand for professionals in the sector. Many HR professional programs and MBAs are highly sought after in the region.

Career prospects for HR professionals

One of the biggest advantages of being qualified in Human Resources is the applicability it has across various sectors of the organizations, regardless of the industry. With the growing compliance, legal and standardization needs, professionals with HR degrees are highly sought after. MBAs in HR further increase chances of recruitment and professionalism in the field by providing a business perspective on the HR function. Some of the common job titles held by HR professionals are HR managers, Affirmative Action Officers and Payroll directors.


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