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If you are like many undergraduates or those who have been in the workforce for several years, you understand the value a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) can add to your career opportunities.

This forum thread is for you to ask questions about admissions processes and how to go about developing compelling themes and strategies in your applications.

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0 MBA Dilemma 7/22/2014   Saurabh I have recently completed my Engineering in Mechanical and I wish to do MBA though I am not sure that whether MBA is good option for an mechanical engineer. If so in which field I must do my M...
4 Part-time online MBA in Hospitality 7/15/2014   William I am thinking about pursuing an MBA in the UK in order to better my family business (we own a restaurant). The trouble is, I would like to do an MBA targetted to the hospitality industry and d...
2 CMAT and NMAT Exams 7/11/2014   avnigetover Sir, I appeared for CET and CMAT feb 2014 did not score good marks .Now am appearing for sep CMAT, NMAT and TISS. Will those exam help me get admission in january or february in any college ??...
2 MBA Course Fees 7/3/2014   Chamali Jayampathi Pleas give for information about course fees, accommodation and how i can manage. Are there any part time jobs? I don't know how to pay, but I am really interested in joining. Please help me. ...
2 GPA requirements for MBA programs 6/23/2014   mike Can I get into a good MBA with a 3.0 GPA?
1 Modular MBA in Entrepreneurship in New Zealand or Singapore 6/9/2014   Titus Ong Hi, I am looking for a general MBA in Entrepreneurship, modular in nature, that helps with appreciating and defining the potential of business, and practical application of marketing and finan...
2 What is the procedure for mms admissions? 6/5/2014   Priyanka I wanted to know about the procedure for mms admissions - does anybody know something?
2 GMAT v. GRE 4/23/2014   Andreas I heard that I could either take the GMAT or GRE for my MBA applications. I'm really not sure what I should do about this. Which one is easier? better? Do schools prefer one over the other?
1 Student fees 4/22/2014   Vishalgilla Can I get a good college with a fees of below 5 lakhs? I have scored 82% in mat
1 Exactly how difficult is the GMAT? 4/15/2014   Komal Exactly how difficult is the GMAT? What do I need to do to get a good score?
1 MBA in Netherlands or Belgium 3/28/2014   Manmhan I need MBA admission in the Netherlands or Belgium. It will great for me if some one help in this direction
4 How do you apply for an MBA? 11/8/2013   Sumit i want some information on the all about of MBA. its entrance test,subjects,top insitutes,and all about MBA. please help me on this.
2 Finance / Marketing MBA 10/4/2012   Harish I'm a graduate in Computer Science.  in this i'm join into MBA. Could u please suggest which is best finance or Marketing ?
1 Aviation / Airline MBA? 10/4/2012   M. What type of MBA is required for airport job other than aviation & airline and airport management?
1 General Management 10/4/2012   A. I am interested in an MBA program focussed on general ledger.
2 Tourism & Hotel Management 10/4/2012   R. I am Bangladeshi. I am complied my graduation in Tourism and Hotel Management. now i want to complete MBA program me in your country. But i dont know how can i get admission in MBA in your cou...
3 Online Application 10/4/2012   osang nembole anamani How can I apply online?
2 Reapply 10/4/2012   huda al habsi Can I have the program please and I have submitted already my papers can I get a reply if I am accepted?
1 Pharmacy Specialization 10/4/2012   Gitesh I am a final year M.Pharm graduate (5 year dual degree) from iit, varanasi.What Business Schools should I apply to ?
0 International Finance MBA 10/4/2012   Wales Hi there, I have just completed a Master Entry Diploma in Management with RDI with UoW and I am now considering taking an MBA with the Bradford Business School with a specialization in Project...
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