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6/23/2014 10:33 AM   mike
Can I get into a good MBA with a 3.0 GPA?

RE: GPA requirements for MBA programs
6/24/2014 11:37 AM   SearchMBA
Hi MIke,

Getting into a good MBA program is generally about the big picture. While good academic performance is generally considered a requirement, it is not a deal-breaker. Further, there are many schools where this GPA is in the range of acceptance.

When it comes to a lower GPA, B-schools are looking to see in which types of classes you scored lowest. For instance, low grades in a humanities class is not going to weigh as much as low math scores - math is what matters. To counteract your GPA, you would likely have to perform very well on the GMAT. You can also take a college course in math before submitting your application, showing that you have improved your skills or address the issue in your essay.

In short, average grades will not prevent you from getting into a top program, so long as you are up front with this weakness in your application and make up for it with the remaining factors such as GMAT scores, essays, letters of recommendation, etc.


RE: GPA requirements for MBA programs
7/8/2014 8:33 AM   LM
You would probably get into a decent mid-tier school if you did really well on all other aspects of your application.

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