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7/3/2014 3:28 PM   Chamali Jayampathi
Pleas give for information about course fees, accommodation and how i can manage. Are there any part time jobs? I don't know how to pay, but I am really interested in joining. Please help me. Thanks

RE: MBA Course Fees
7/3/2014 3:41 PM   SearchMBA
Hi Chamali,

There are various ways to pay for an MBA program, which can be costly. One can either fund the program themselves via savings or a loan, apply for scholarships or get the program sponsored by a company. Tuition fees for MBA programs usually range between $10,000 and upwards of $100,000 and these fees are often paid per academic term.

Many MBA students do work while they complete their MBA, especially in the case of company-sponsored MBAs. For information on part-time jobs, you should look into the job markets of the region nearest to your business school and employment visa requirements if you are not a national of that country.



RE: MBA Course Fees
8/14/2014 4:34 PM   Alex
As an American living in Singapore, I would highly recommend it. There is a budding business culture with plenty of opportunity. You could easily work on your own start-up as an aspect of your MBA study - maybe even find a program which incorporates an individual business plan.

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