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6/5/2014 5:48 PM   Priyanka

I wanted to know about the procedure for mms admissions - does anybody know something?

RE: What is the procedure for mms admissions?
6/9/2014 1:31 PM   SearchMBA

Hi Priyanka,

As in an MBA, MMS admissions standards can vary by program and university. Generally, one would need a relevant bachelor's degree and possibly the following:

  • professional full-time working experience (this is not required by all programs) 
  • letters of recommendations from academic or professional sources.

The amount of professional working experience, level of academic achievement and entrance exam scores will vary according to each university's standards. For specific application processes, you should get in touch with each university.

Best of Luck!


RE: What is the procedure for mms admissions?
6/12/2014 7:53 AM   Shreya
What is an MMS?

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