Postgraduate Degrees in Marketing

Postgraduate degrees specialized in marketing teach us how marketing can be used to achieve business goals and improve organizational performance. More so, they teach us how we can do so as effectively and efficiently as possible. Marketing is a key element of successful business - get in to the game with a postgraduate degree in marketing. Find a list of competitive programs in marketing below and contact universities directly!
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Postgraduate Degrees in Marketing

Postgraduate, or graduate, degrees in Marketing help individuals make their place in the marketing industry with highly specialized skills. Degrees in marketing discuss the logic and psychology of effective marketing, as well as its role in business and how it can be leveraged to achieve business goals and improve organizational performance. 

Marketing, a profession for creative enthusiasts, is one of the most sought after qualifications for corporate professionals. Many universities and colleges offer postgraduate business degrees in marketing with varied concentrations in advertising, consumer behavior and marketing research. Postgraduate marketing degrees help professionals in gaining jobs in the competitive corporate world.

Marketing Postgraduate Programs and Curriculum

Postgraduate marketing degrees are typically named as MSc. in Marketing and are tailored to provide candidates with essential professional and creative skills. Some of the common concepts covered in these programs are:

  •         Relationship marketing essentials (maintaining relations between clients and other stakeholders)
  •         Business/ industrial marketing (dealing with industrial or capital goods)
  •         Societal marketing (selling methods for societal benefits)
  •         Branding (dealing with consumer perceptions and positioning of services or goods)
  •         Fundamentals of marketing
  •         Financial management
  •         Consumer Behavior
  •         Services Marketing
  •         Strategic management
  •         Business Development in marketing

Marketing and Its Essentials

Marketing is among the most vital aspects of organizational functioning and as a profession, is especially attractive for creative and passionate minds. Marketing is the department within an organization which is responsible for spreading awareness of and increasing the sales of their organization's products and/or services. This is usually done via marketing campaigns, which range in format and can be aggressive and integrated across many platforms.

In many cases, the marketing department works as the face of the company and is responsible for maintaining client relations and public relation activities. It serves as a link between the social needs and the economic responses of the consumers. Further, it is the process of communicating the value of a company’s product or service along with the promise of executing the same to the consumers. Some of the common elements involved in marketing include setting a target market and assessing market segmentation. When applied via marketing management, marketing usually makes use of a wide variety of technological resources, platforms and outlets.

The Format of Postgraduate Degrees in Marketing

Most postgraduate degrees are provided by universities and colleges with traditional classroom settings and curriculum. These are typically 2-3 years long; however, vary in terms of nature of the course and duration. Postgraduate marketing degrees are of the different formats such as part-time, full-time and accelerated programs.

Career Prospects for Professionals

Marketing is one of the most sought after professions for business graduates and its applicability is huge among different sectors of corporate or academic functioning. Different job titles held by professionals in marketing are creative consultants, marketing executives, managers, advertising professionals, business consultants, market researchers and analysts. Marketing professionals are appointed across different industries such as research firms, telecommunications, consultancies, development firms, universities, colleges, ad firms, digital marketing firms, FMCGs, banks and non-banking financial institutions.

Benefits for professionals

Marketing postgraduate degrees help professionals to stay updated with the current scenarios of the job market. Professionals working in the corporate will need acclaimed postgraduate degrees for gaining jobs in their required sectors and industries. Many professionals go for postgraduate degrees to take next steps in their careers and advance from executive level positions to managerial placements.


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