Postgraduate Degrees in Healthcare Management

Postgraduate studies in healthcare management open doors throughout the thriving and competitive healthcare industry. Masters and doctorate degrees in healthcare management and administration prepare professionals for managerial roles in healthcare institutions and public organisations. Find top postgraduate programs in healthcare management and administration below. Compare programs and contact universities directly.
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Postgraduate Studies in Healthcare Administration - More about degrees & programs

Post graduate degrees in healthcare management are designed for professionals who have completed undergrad programs and acquired degrees such as bachelor’s degree or “license” for practicing medicine and related research.  Higher education for professionals in healthcare administration is highly advanced as professionals all over the world are attracted towards the field of medicine.

What is a health care administration?

Individuals associated with healthcare administration are identified as health care professionals. Healthcare professionals focus on management of public healthcare, hospitals, healthcare systems and other hospital networks which includes an amalgamation of leadership and management proficiency. This conduct is called healthcare administration.

Health care education at post-graduate levels

After completing undergrad level, interested individuals can go for master’s degree in healthcare administration followed by specialist degree for medical students. The master’s degree levels can be known as The Master of Health Administration (MHA) and Master of Healthcare care Administration (M.H.A). These include skills and proficiency in consulting and managing of health care institutes, public health care structures and health service organizations. Healthcare management and administration courses are available in more than 70 accredited schools in North America and worldwide.  Along with college course of taught medicinal courses, classroom based programs are available for learning these courses. Online courses exist side by side for distance learning professionals. Traditional in-class settings are more popular than online courses in health care.

Program Content

These postgraduate degrees in healthcare management in essence, explore three distinct areas in terms of basic curriculum. Generally, the primary course will teach financial management, leadership in students, organizational conduct, law, economics, planning and quantitative methods. The first one focuses mostly on managerial concepts and theories while building skills. In the second area, epidemiology, psychology, medical care organization and health will be discussed. The last and the final one will be based on application of concepts by taking tests, presenting project and other skill assessment platforms to exhibit the skills learned from the course material. Some of the most important concepts covered in these courses are:

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Physiological sciences
  • Healthcare management

Career prospect in Health care administration:

Professionals trained in healthcare management and administration have uncountable job opportunities. The healthcare industry in the US is the largest, employing more than 11 million jobs and being the second largest employer in the United States. There is a continual demand for the healthcare sector all over the world thus, providing jobs in a wide range of areas starting from urban areas to rural ones ranging from commercial to public healthcare provision. Training in healthcare gives a competitive edge within the health industry and helps fulfill the criteria for an extensive number of jobs and provides flexibility as it provides jobs in a lot of areas including non-health sectors. Professionals with ample competency will find jobs in health care such as:

  •         Professional administrator
  •         Therapist
  •         Management officer
  •         Consultant
  •         Health insurance provider
  •         Advanced medical researcher

Gaining expertise and getting an education in healthcare administration will aid in entering the fast-changing healthcare industry and overcome challenges while making advancements.


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