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MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology)

The University of Liverpool
Program summary
30 months
Online / distance learning

Program description

MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology) - Online / Distance Learning

The fully online Msc in Applied Pyschology with a specialisation track in General Pyschology is developed from an international, cross-cultural context that adopts a western perspective of psychology.

The MSC in Applied Psychology is designed for working professionals who wish to apply psychological knowledge and research in real-life situations – such as in educational, organisational, and health settings, those keen to pursue doctoral programmes in the field of psychology, and professionals looking to compete for promotion or career advancement, and are interested in the broad discipline of psychology.

Delegates will gain an in depth knowledge in the principles of psychological research design and analysis (both quantitative and qualitative); ethical issues in research; essential theories, issues and controversies in the science of psychology from a cross-cultural and global perspective; and the basic biological, psychological, and social determinants of physical and mental health.

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Application and Admission Requirements

Find out more about distance learningthis Msc in Applied Psychology course The fully online MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology) which focuses on lifespan development, psychology of learning and social influences on human behaviour, is usually a chosen path by delegates from the following backgrounds:

  • HR
  • marketing (research)
  • business and education professionals
  • policy makers
  • community workers

General Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree equivalent to UK Honours degree.
  • English equivalent to minimum of IETS test level 6.5 overall.
  • TOEFL 580 paper based test / 88 Internet based test / TEEP 6.5
  • 2 years of relevant work experience.

Please note for the MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology), The University of Liverpool Online also evaluates applicants on an individual basis.

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MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology) programme structure:

Learn more about this distance learning Msc in Applied Psychology hereThe fully online MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology) programme comprises eight modules – five
core and three specialist modules – and culminates in
a dissertation.

The first module is nine weeks in length and each subsequent module is eight weeks. Modules
are sequenced in an order that is best suited to the
students’ development throughout the programme.

Preparatory Modules

  • Students Readiness Orientation (0 credit)
  • Foundations for Academic Success (0 credit)

Core Modules

  • Perspectives in Applied Psychology (15 credits)
  • Biological, Psychological, and Social Bases of Health and Behaviour (15 credits)
  • Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis in Applied Psychology (15 credits)
  • Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis in Applied Psychology (15 credits)
  • Psychological Appraisal and Treatment (15 credits)
  • Dissertation (60 credits)

Specialist Modules - General Psychology

  • Cross-Cultural Issues in Lifespan Development (15 credits)
  • Psychology of Learning (15 credits)
  • Social Psychology (15 credits)


Students refine their dissertation topic in conjunction with their Personal Dissertation Advisor, an academic supervisor who will provide support throughout the writing process. The aim of the dissertation is to design, conduct, and analyse a significant piece of empirical or archival study, that will be an original or critical exposition, of existing knowledge within the field.

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About the MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology)

“A postgraduate programme in applied psychology is absolutely essential for those who want to better understand the causes of human behaviour. The theories taught on the programme are relevant and applicable in a range of healthcare, education, and management settings.

This particular programme is important because students can, from the very first modules, learn psychological theories and apply what they have learnt in their work and the communities in which they live. Effective change comes when we can explain our own behaviour and the behaviour of those around us.”

Dr. Gary J. Burkholder
Director of Online Studies, psychology

Duration of the MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology):

The fully online MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology) programme takes on average 30 months to complete. However, since students progress at their own pace, you may choose to complete your studies in as little as 24 months or spread them over 60 months.

Expenses / Tuition Fees

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