Postgraduate Business Studies in Asia

Business studies in Asia

Entrepreneurs and future business owners in Asia or those employed in the financial, engineering and business sciences field are ideal candidates for a postgraduate business studies degree. Universities and business schools in Bangladesh, India, Japan and Pakistan offer suitable programs for professionals who hold a degrees in business and administration fields who wish to further develop in their roles. Apply for a postgraduate business administration program from one of the top universities in Asia.
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More about Postgraduate Business Studies in Asia

Whether you  for a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of International Business (MIB), Master of Accountancy (MAcy), Master of Engineering Management, Master of Management (MAM) or The Master of Science in Management, the postgraduate business portfolio consists of a variety of business studies programs. Universities, business schools and other accredited learning institutes in Bangladesh, India, Japan and Pakistan offer suitable programs for professionals who already hold a bachelor's degrees in business and administration fields and related fields where business management is the focus.

How can a Postgraduate Business Studies degree improve your career prospects

Postgraduate business studies degrees in Asia are generally two year programs which are accredited under AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) or UGC (University Grants Commission). In Asia, postgraduate master degrees in the business and administration fields are offered at public or private tertiary educational institutions which offer a high standard o education.

A postgraduate degree is suited to professionals who have already completed a graduate business degree (bachelor's degree) in management or business sciences, engineering or accounting, among others. Postgraduate business studies degrees feature a scientific approach to management. The core modules available in Asia include finance, accounting,human resources, marketing and operations management; as well a range of elective courses. The appropriate accreditation for postgraduate business studies programs ensure standardisation of programs. Postgraduate business studies degrees may be undertaken on a part-time, full-time or executive basis, as well as via distance learning. Full, part-time and executive programs are available for the PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) programs offered at Asian institutes.

What Is a Postgraduate Business Degree suitable for?

A young professional or recent graduate who opts for a business studies program will find the postgraduate degree expedites career objectives. When coupled with training in leadership, teamwork and negotiation offered by a business studies degree, the skills learned are instrumental for aiding professionals in furthering their business, entrepreneurial potential and goals in their chosen field.

Career Development Opportunities in Asia and Globally

A business studies degree is a very marketable qualification in Asia and globally. An accredited business studies degree from an Asian educational institution offers a great variety of opportunities for career development. Graduates with business studies degrees demand higher remuneration than in many other fields. Business studies degrees will give you an edge when applying for jobs that do not require such a degree, resulting in a more favourable starting salary in related fields. Suitable career options for executives with postgraduate business degrees include financial advisors, accountants and financial analysts. Investment banking and trading are additional options, as are careers in technology and the business sciences.


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