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Health Care

Health care is a fast-changing industry that demands professionals who are focused on a particular set of needs and demands. Graduates of health care programs can immediately apply acquired knowledge into the workplace, handling the challenges of the health care industry.

Become a leader with crucial managerial skills and the ability to modify the future of health care - Browse the list of Health Care programs below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.

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Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)
Walden University
Online / distance learning
The online Master of Healthcare Administration discusses the laws, regulations and health policies that influence and govern healthcare service providers. Entirely...
MBA for Executives: Leadership in Healthcare
Yale School of Management
New Haven
Yale's Schools of Management, Medicine, and Public Health, have combined their resources to offer the Leadership in Healthcare MBA for...
Medical and Healthcare Management
Rice University: Jones
18 months
With the changing face of medicine today, healthcare professionals are forced to wear two hats: one of medical practitioner and...
Online MBA International Healthcare Management
Robert Kennedy College
Online / distance learning
The MBA International Healthcare Management is designed to provide healthcare managers with the tools to analyze, direct and develop administrative...
Health Care Administration Executive Masters (EMHCA)
Zayed University
Multiple (2)
The Executive Masters in Health Care Administration (EMHCA) program is offered in partnership with the University of Houston-Clear Lake and...
Online MBA Public Health Management
Robert Kennedy College
Online / distance learning
Effective public health policy is an increasingly important means of developing a more holistic approach to healthcare, and this MBA...
Master of Public Health (MPH) - Management of Health Systems
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
Our MPH with a specialization track in Management of Health Systems appeals to those wishing to study health systems as...
Master of Public Health (MPH)
The University of Liverpool
5.0 (1)
30 months
Online / distance learning
The MPH provides an international and integrated approach to Public Health. It equips students with practical knowledge, problem solving and...
Master of Public Health (MPH) - International Public Health
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The fully online Master of Public Health (MPH) with a specialisation track in International Public Health provides students with the...
MSc in Applied Psychology (General Psychology)
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The fully online Msc in Applied Pyschology with a specialisation track in General Pyschology is developed from an international, cross-cultural...
MSc in Applied Psychology (Mental Health Psychology)
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The fully online Msc in Applied Pyschology with a specialisation track in Mental Health Psychology is developed from an international,...
Vanderbilt Health Care MBA
Vanderbilt University: Owen Graduate School of Management
2 years
Tennessee (state)
Vanderbilt has a vision to shape the future of the health care industry . The key to change is equipping...
Joint Master of Social Work / MBA program
University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
In the 21st Century, starting, managing or leading an organization demands business knowledge, human understanding and creativity. Neither skill set...
Master of Public Health (Epidemiology)
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The fully online Master of Public Health (MPH) with a specialisation track in Epidemiology involves the study of factors affecting...
Displaying 1-14 of 14 results

The Health Care Industry

The modern health care industry consists of numerous sectors and depends on trained professionals who understand the demands and needs of both the population as a whole and separate individuals. Various professions which are not directly related to providing health care also exist within the health care sector. These include business professionals who support management functions of the health care system.

What challenges do business professionals face in the health care industry?

The health care industry seeks out efficient managers with solid and diverse knowledge of business, who are able to address the future challenges of the industry. As the industry constantly faces new challenges, it needs considerate, knowledgeable and inspiring leaders with a desire to advance the health care system.

The learning objectives of programs in health care

Health care programs are leadership-focused and cover many business disciplines such as finance, project and operation management, organizational change, etc. Apart from business-related topics, students will be educated in providing the effective, safe and patient-centered service which is vital in the health care industry.

Programs effectively introduce students to the basics of business and develop their knowledge via experiential learning. Graduates of a program in health care will be equipped with a unique set of skills such as efficiently, business expertise and leadership perspective, enabling them to contribute to the health care industry.

A business leader in the health care industry:  What are the responsibilities?

A degree in health care opens up doors to numerous career opportunities within the industry. Graduates will take on the role of a consultant and assist organizations on key matters, such as a reduction of operational risk and improvement to the quality and safety of their service. The process includes regular meetings with interested parties and strategy planning.

Quality improvement is a core component of a successful health care organization. Thus, it is essential that health care professionals are actively involved in the performance improvement process. They will be accountable for planning and executing the process, which includes supporting and educating managers while incorporating the principles.

Creating a profitable and beneficial health care sector

Managers employed in the health care industry must  continuously bring value to organizations by implementing strategies, allocating budget, planning long-term investments. In order to do this, they must have a firm understanding of the principles of quality management.

Preparing for a leadership position in the health care industry

Business leaders should be able to fully grasp the “big picture” and evaluate how different pieces fit into this puzzle. Candidates must also be familiar with the decision-making process in order to understand how decisions affect not only an organization, but the entire health care industry in both the short- and long-term.

If you want to pursue managerial career in the health care industry but seek business expertise – then the program in health care will enable you to achieve these goals.

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