EQUIS Accredited MBAs

EQUIS Accredited MBAs

EQUIS Accredited MBAs EQUIS is a quality assurance plan which is a service to worldwide management education by EFMD - which is the European Foundation for Management Development. It specializes in higher education institutions of management and business administration, and is run by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). As of October 2014, EQUIS has accredited 149 business schools in 40 countries throughout the the world. EQUIS was established in 1997 under Gordon Shenton and the present executive is Michael Osbaldeston. The accreditation is granted to business colleges taking into account general quality. The procedure additionally considers the business college's level of internationalization, which is not a strict prerequisite for accreditation by the other two noteworthy worldwide accreditation bodies: AACSB and AMBA. So far all completely licensed EQUIS business colleges applying for AACSB accreditation have succeeded, which has not been the situation the other way. EQUIS accreditation can be conceded for a 3 year period (with yearly advance reports on the ranges of change needed) or for a 5 year period (with a mid-term advancement report on improvement destinations needed). It is important to remember that EQUIS is not primarily focussed on the MBA or any other specific programme – its scope covers all programmes offered by an institution from the first degree up to the Ph.D. EQUIS has accredited 142 institutions representing 39 countries.
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Importance of EQUIS Accredited MBAS

The fundamental objective of the EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) is to increase the standard of management education throughout the globe. This system has been developed as an international accreditation system rather than one based in any particular national system. EQUIS attempts to stimulate a harmonious interactive environment between an advanced scholastic quality and the expert importance given by have a close corporate relationship with the business world.EQUIS attaches specific significance to the formation of a viable learning environment that supports the advancement of a course delegate’s administrative and entrepreneurial abilities. It likewise searches for advancement in all areas, including system configuration and teaching methods. Organizations that are certified by EQUIS must exhibit not just a wide-array of quality in all measurements of their exercises, additionally they must show a high level of globalization in their programs.  

EQUIS Course format

EQUIS considers differing qualities a worth to live by. They likewise feel that there is not a best model for a business college. What they need to keep away from is an institutionalization of project organizations, vital decisions and course content for the degrees that they are appraising. EQUIS acknowledges that each nation will have its own particular conventional way to deal with training furthermore that the outline, length, substance and the learning goals will be diverse for every nation and now and then inside of nations.

EQUIS Career Prospects

EQUIS Accredited MBAs graduates are highly sought after in almost each and every field ranging from, Accountancy, Banking and Finance to even sectors such as Retail and even Oil and Gas. Many professionals will find opportunities in financial institutions as well such as stock brokerage firms and consultancy firms that deal with hedge funds The prospects for an EQUIS Accredited  professional is vast and always is promising.


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