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Global MBA Rankings

Global MBA Rankings - Financial Times, The Economist, BusinessweekRankings, Rankings, Rankings.

In the MBA world, it would be difficult to say that rankings aren't a factor. Though prospective MBA candidates should consider a wide range of criteria when selecting their dream program, ranking systems can provide valuable insight into the overall quality and probable outcome of a business school or program. 

Key ranking sources offer carefully curated lists based on a selective set of standards which reflects their ideal of what constitutes a first-rate MBA program. The Financial Times, The Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek are among the most-cited and most-trusted ranking systems and assess schools based on indicators such as accreditations, school diversity, quality of faculty, research resources, student satisfaction and post-graduation salary increase.

ghfj Financial Times Global MBA Rankings

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fjhfg The Economist Global MBA Rankings

2014  |  2013  |  2012 |  2011 |  2010 

fjhfg Bloomberg Businessweek Global MBA Rankings

2014   2012


Forbes International MBA Rankings


Eduniversal Global MBA Rankings


Why Global MBA Rankings?

Looking at MBA rankings on a global scale has a number of benefits for potential candidates, especially those looking for an international career in business. 

The world is much smaller than it used to be, especially in terms of how we do business. As the prevalence of international organizations and job roles increase, companies are looking for employees that can offer more than just a local perspective. For prospective MBA candidates, this translates into the possibility (and encouragement) to think internationally when choosing an MBA program.

The Bigger the Pool, the Better the Reward

When thinking internationally, the selection of enviable MBA degrees becomes plentiful. So what is better than earning an MBA degree from the best school in your region or your country? Earning the best MBA program in the world. In a field where numbers and reputation carry significant weight, graduates of the world's top business schools has expect to reap significant reward for their efforts. 

Big Opportunities Abroad

Whether you are looking to build your career in your home country or abroad, looking outside your borders for your MBA program has its upsides. In a global business market, looking into top business schools abroad simply means looking into your options. With more programs to choose from, candidates have a better chance of finding a program that fits their exact needs. International faculty and classmates also provide the added benefit of an international network of contacts, which could provide career opportunities abroad. 

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Last updated: 17 Jun 2015

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