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To ensure a firm’s success and profitability, companies needs a well-defined strategy. Programs in strategy prepare specialists with distinguished analytic skills and develop candidates’ knowledge in various business disciplines related to strategy such as organizational environment, international strategies and change management. Learn how you advise firms in reaching their objectives - Browse the list of Strategy programs and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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The importance of business strategy

A firm’s strategy derived by top executives is vital to any type of organization as it aligns the company’s mission and vision. In order to achieve long-term organizational objectives, firms use strategy to form overall directions and integrate them into various activities performed in different functional areas in the firm. It is also important that the strategy fits both the external and internal environments, enabling the firm to reach long-term objectives.

Key topics in programs in strategy

The aim of strategy programs is to sharpen candidates’ analytical, leadership and management skills that will help them to better understand organizations and how external and internal factors influence a firm’s growth.

Throughout the program, students will cover topics such as strategic management theories, apply Porters Five Forces Model and conduct thorough analysis of industries, markets and competitors. Human resource management and change management are also integrated in the program to provide candidates with the knowledge of creating corporate culture and motivating employees to fulfil organizational goals.

Skills gained throughout a program in strategy

Strategic professionals need to have a variety of skills to succeed in their careers. The core quality is analytical, which is actively studied during any strategy program. Other extremely important skills that will be gained upon completing the degree are research, problem solving, communication and flexibility. The aim of any program in strategy is to demonstrate students the importance of understanding “the big picture” and analyse how different choices affect organizational profitability and long-term goals.

Main responsibilities of an expert in strategy

Upon completing a degree in strategy, candidates gain access to numerous job opportunities. The main responsibilities of a professional working with corporate strategy consist of gathering and analysing information to help firms grow and increase revenues. Typically, strategic planners and consultants perform many analysis directed towards markets, industries, competitors and companies themselves, and possible Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) proposals. They also evaluate various business plans to determine the most appropriate strategy for a firm.

Exploring career opportunities in strategic planning

Today, many companies seek out candidates with in-depth knowledge in analysing current business trends and evaluating a firm’s performance. Firms demand specialists with the ability to develop action plans, resolve organizational threats and propose cost effective solutions. A degree in strategy provides candidates with such skills as such opening many doors and enabling candidates to work closely with the top management and executives. The most common jobs that candidates gain after graduation are in strategic planning, strategic cost analysis   or as atransformation agent.

Aiming for an international career

A degree in strategy provides candidates with the highest possibility to start a career in an international corporation. Due to rapid globalization and fast-changing trends, numerous global organizations are forced to respond to international market changes in an efficient and effective way. Students with a degree in strategy can assist firms in this matter as such becoming outstanding candidates for this type of job.

Programs in strategy prepare candidates with exceptional analytical and management skills who can contribute to an organization’s growth. Learn how firms reach their goals and pursue an international career – apply for a Strategy program!


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