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Strategic Management MBAs

Strategic Management MBA

Japan is home to a growing number successful global enterprises, and a top destination to study strategy development and strategic management MBAs. As  strategic management is key to ensuring top business performance and activate the business development mechanisms in an enterprise, MBA programs specialized in strategy are increasingly popular in Japan, among competitive business thinkers and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to start a business career here.

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1-Year MBA Program
Hitotsubashi ICS
5.0 (2)
1 year
From 535,800 JPY
The full-time MBA program at  ICS is a highly competitive program for professionals with global ambitions. The program provides an ideal...
2-Year MBA Program
Hitotsubashi ICS
5.0 (1)
2 years
From 1,071,600 JPY
The Hitotsubashi ICS MBA is a two-year full-time program delivered in Tokyo, Japan, one of the world's largest and most...
Displaying 1-2 of 2 results

Strategic development opportunities in Japan

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is ranked the third largest economy in the world with respect to the nominal gross domestic product (GDP) estimated in the year 2012. It is also known as the most developed country in the whole continent of Asia. A large number of multinational corporations are based in Japan and most of them have begun their operations since the Japanese post-war economic miracle era, from the years 1960's to the 1980's.

Fundamentals of Strategic Management

The basic principle behind running a strategic management approach in an organization is the coordination of the system with all its activities; the goal is to consolidate the structure and processes, in order to be able to adapt  and respond to various business scenarios and challenges. Strategic management strengthens a business enterprise’s decision-making efficiency as it requires the company to execute strategies unique to most endeavors and become rational at the specific missions that are imposed periodically.

MBA Programs in Strategic Management

Choosing strategic management as an MBA specialization would, itself, be a strategic, wise decision as more companies, large-scale and small-scale, are implementing the techniques of strategic management in most of their business ventures. A professional with strong strategic management skills is highly sought after in the job market. With globalization and business internationalization, competitive organizations are opting for a strategic business development model led by ambitious thinkers, many of them MBA graduates with a clear and confident take on strategic decision making.

A strategic management MBA prepares candidates to  face even the most unanticipated business scenarios  in an effective manner that brings about a positive outcome for the company. It helps them manage the stability of the company and gives them the confidence to lead and inspire their business teams.

Strategic Management Course Curriculum

MBA modules part of the strategic management program track cover the fundamentals of business administration, leadership and management , enabling candidates to discover and address a company's vulnerabilities. Strategic MBA programs address the business framework, explain how to plan and implement strategic techniques and how to recognize weak spots in the implementation of a strategic action. Macroeconomics is a sensitive section of a business that increasingly most businesses are incorporating in their business transactions and this section requires an in-depth understanding of personnel equipped with strong strategic management skills.

Career Prospects for Strategy MBAs in Japan

Business administration education in Japan is recognized globally for its quality and the career prospects it has to offer to MBA graduates. Professionals with an MBA in Strategy will find themselves in positions of general managers and executives in the management departments of a great variety of business firms. 


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