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As one of the top destinations for education in business administration, Switzerland hosts world's most sound bank system and financial sector.  The competitive business realm and the drive for innovation attract an increasing number of business executives and young entrepreneurs in MBA programs, executive masters or doctoral studies in Switzerland. Find MBA programs, executive education or doctoral studies in Switzerland. Receive the latest knowledge updates and business counselling from the academic elite of management education.
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The Business Sector in Switzerland

Lucerne, SwitzerlandFamous for its bank system, sound finances and long-term monetary security, Switzerland has developed international trade cooperation with partners in the Western European region and the United States. The important financial centers of Switzerland, Zurich, Basel, Lausanne, Geneva, are also important university cities that gather the business education elite from all continents.

A transparent policy-making at the government's level and the federalist approach bring the decision to the micro-structures and offers flexibilty in developing new ventures of different sizes and profiles. The optimal technological absorption at the firm-level and the value chain bredth reflect the quality-orientation of product management and branding in Switzerland.

MBA Programs Overview

Business administration studies in Switzerland benefit from an intensive cooperation between the faculty and the business experts in the region. Competitive applicants with an excellent academic profile and professional experience on managerial positions interact with renowned academics and business counselors from the prestigious business schools in Switzerland. The experiential learning complemented by practical business models applications tailor the MBA programs to the candidate's profile and long-term professional interests.

The international curriculum of MBA programs in Switzerland trains the candidates in general management, finance and banking, business law and diverse leadership development strategies. To diversify the outcome of their business education, candidates are invited to select from a broad elective course offer. Upon completion of their MBA study, international graduates will have the opportunity to maintain a competitive business profile in their host country or develop new ventures in their home country.

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Executive Education in Switzerland

The popular training area in busness schools of Switzerland is executive education that invites experienced managers to develop new business strategies and receive an academic acknowledgment for their experience. The collaboration between the industry sector and the research institutions is reflected in the local managers' experience. The international curricula for the executive education programs is supported by the national and foreign direct investments in R&D. Business administration education bears a great networking potential, between the applicants, their mentors and local professionals.

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Networking opportunities

Business conventions, exhibitions and international institution summits take place in Switzerland every year. Being around of the hot spots of the decision-making in political and economic bodies will enable business administration students in Switzerland to take the pulse of the global economy and make the best predictions for their own venture or the local business environment. Switzerland is a key member in international organizations like the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

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Cutural Explorations of Switzerland

Switzerland has a vibrant cultural atmosphere perfect for leisure activities, sports or business trips. The Swiss cantons with impressive mountainous landscape are perfect destinations for Winter ski trips or business conventions. The linguistic diversity of the country, with native speakers of German, French, Italian and Romansch, invites to a more in-depth cultural training for professionals in all busines branches. Management trainees who come to Switzerland to continue their business education choose language training in German, French or Italian to improve their communication with local owners and develop new partnerships. The local values and hospitality of the people make any business trip to Switzerland a re-discovery of cultural heritage from the Renaissance to the present, in cities like Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, Lausanne or Geneva.


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