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MBA programs in South America are highly ranked and diverse. MBA programs from South American universities open doors to an exciting career in Latin America and abroad, by providing you with an abundance of local and global business knowledge and professional connections. Browse and compare MBA programs in South America in the list below. Find your ideal program, and contact South American business schools directly.
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MBAs in South America - Opportunities

MBA programs in South America provide pathways to business opportunities in Latin America and worldwide. Among the world's key economies, South America as a whole is a key player in international business relations. With an MBA from a South American business school, you will learn business from the South American perspective and develop skills for an international career in management.

A Masters in Business Administration degree is a great option for professionals wishing to take their career one step further. Typically completed after a bachelor's degree and/or some years of work experience, the MBA provides the knowledge, skills and connections required to make it in a competitive business world. One of the biggest advantages of an MBA is that professionals from different backgrounds can pursue it. This includes niche fields, such as sports and entertainment management.  South America, one of the biggest continents in the world, offers many MBA programs at its internationally acclaimed universities in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and beyond.

Professional & Educational Opportunities in South America

South America, is among the most diverse continents in the world, both in terms of biodiversity and diversity in business. In addition to a wealth of natural resources spread throughout the continent, South America's developed business markets contribute to the excitement of a career in South America.

Professional training and academic opportunities in the South American are advanced. At the top of these offerings are MBA programs. MBA programs in South America concentrate on business practices, but may also include a specialization on a specific area of business, such as engineering, medicine, healthcare, manufacturing, law and business management sectors. From an exclusively business perspective, common subjects covered include finance, general management, business policy and human resources. Many multinational corporations have their operations here in South America, which hire management professionals in marketing, advertising, FMCGs, banking and healthcare administration.

MBA Programs in South America

Masters in Business Administration programs offered in South America include courses in strategic planning, business policy, human resources management, services marketing, brand management, consumer behavior, operations management, financial management, cost accounting, managerial accounting and supply chain management essentials.

The MBA programs here are offered in many formats such as:

  •         Full-time MBA (usually two years long and involves traditional teaching methods)
  •         Part-time MBA (designed for working professionals who can tailor their programs during weekdays as well as weekends)
  •         Accelerated one year MBAs (these are paced for professionals seeking early postgraduate qualifications)
  •         Integrated MBAs (these programs are provided in combination with undergraduate degrees in different subjects)

Skills Gain From an MBAs

An MBA will provide you with the skills that every successful executive needs, such as decision-making, managerial, problem-solving, analytical, statistical and project management skills. In addition, MBAs incorporate essential requirements for candidates, such as time management, business communication and business etiquettes. Generally, professionals are advised to complete an MBA program after they have considerable experience in their professions in order to increase the dynamisms of the classrooms.

Career Prospects for MBA Graduates

Professionals with MBAs are hired across different sectors and at all types of organizations. MBA graduates achieve high-level positions in organizations seeking to improve their management, leadership and performance. In competitive job markets, where specialized skills are hunted for, professionals with MBAs in management, finance, human resources and accounting get hired in large multinational organizations, such as banks, stock exchanges, investment corporations, advertising agencies, manufacturing firms and more.

Medical and healthcare facilities such as hospitals, pharma centers, welfare community programs, private clinics are in abundance in South America. Management professionals with MBAs and specialized masters are hired in the several administration and registration functions in this genre of organization. 

The manufacturing and engineering sector in South America is advanced and hires professionals with significant experience and managerial capabilities across many different functions.

Having an MBA always serves as leverage for professionals seeking better job positions, gain access to better professional opportunities and secure early promotion in their career.


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