MBA Programs in the Netherlands

Business administration studies in the Netherlands

MBA programs and executive education in the Netherlands have a long traditon, given the country's international orientation and shared global perspectives for the academia. The excellent economic premises of the Netherlands, its sustained business relations with international economic actors and openness to innovation make the Dutch context extremely valuable for business education candidates. Select an MBA program, executive education or doctoral studies in business administration offered by prestigious business schools in the Netherlands. Excellent professional premises await you in a globally-oriented environment and
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More about MBA Programs in the Netherlands

The Dutch business environment

Drawbridge AmsterdamThe economy of the Netherlands sustained a growth trend of more than three decades before the recession and quickly recovered through own forces. The low unemployment rate, the investment in research and development and permanent collaboration between institutions of education and business actors speak for the economy performance of the country.

The sustained economic performance in sectors like agroindustry, electrical equipment production, constructions, microelectronics and ICT build upon the Dutch competitiveness. The international trade with state actors on all continents, and the intense cooperation with economies in the Western European region boost the economic potential of the country for the next decades.

The Netherlands' political environment is visibly enabling for international cooperation in business projects of all kinds. Known for its civil freedoms and encouragement of young entrepreneurship, the Netherlands benefits from the creative energies and business ideas of international professionals in all sectors.

MBA Programs overview

Business adminstration studies at the graduate level in the Netherlands are offered by universities with long traditions in this education branch. Applicants are selected based on their academic merits, competitiveness of the venture they have been managing and the convincing performance at the admission interview. Experienced faculty and business leaders designed the curricula offered by Dutch business schools. The core modules included focus on expanding the leadership capabilities of the applicant, his/her management decision, expertise in finance and initiative for the global environment.

Elective courses, internships and field work help the MBA candidates immediately apply the knowledge acquired during the training program. The practical endeavor and applied knowledge orientation of the MBA programs offered in the Netherlands prepare the applicants for a competitive work in the international environment. Many learning tracks include or recommend practical work abroad or exchange semesters hosted by business schools on different continents, meant to get the applicant familiar with different business cultures.

Executive education in the Netherlands

Executive education degrees and doctoral studies in business administration in the Netherlands are designed for the benefit of international managers who want to improve their expertise in today's economy hot topics and receive academic acknowledgments for their career and study. The flexible learning tracks, online EMBA or part-time study executive masters, encourage the professional participation of the canididates in parallel to their study.

The Dutch culture and society

The intensive development of commerce and economy in the Netherlands was enabled by a sustained effort of ground consolidation and land building. The people's spirit and free vision encourage international professional participation to social projects and cultural initiatives in the area.

Important cultural sites in the Netherlands are its harbours and main cities, with their entertainment attractions, historically-valued monuments and modern architechture.The Netherlands' is a perfect business destination and a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs and MBA graduates. Candidates to business administration titles choose Dutch language training as elective courses in their program, to get a better hands-on experience with the Dutch business negotiation in the local language.


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