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Master of Business Administration in Japan

Business administration programs in Japan reflect the high competitiveness standards of the national economy and its drive to innovate. MBA and EMBA degree programs hosted by business schools in Japan tailor the international curriculum to the candidates' management priorities and recommend them best practices in leadership, marketing and global finances. The exposure to decision-making process for the global economy and the networking with elite leaders of Japan contribute to the complete professional experience offered by an MBA program.  Find MBA programs or EMBA degrees in Japan and align your business principles to the competitive profile of a top economy.
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More about MBA Programs in Japan

The Japanese Business Climate

Japanese Urban LandscapeJapan's capacity for innovation and the local companies' spending in research and development situate the country among world's top economies. Japan's excellent infrastructure, implementing the latest technologies in railway and motor vechicles production became the ultimate global model.

Industry sectors that bring significant profit to the national economy are the automobile and engine construction industry, electronics, chemicals and steel. With the government's procurement of advanced tech products, any local or international entrepreneur can set the bases for a competitive business project in the region.

MBA programs overview

The international curriculum of the MBA programs in general management has been adapted by prestigious business schools in Japan to serve the Asian leaders' community. Courses in finance, banking, international marketing, as well as the electives in information and technology management inspire creative practical applications, which are typically implemented on the local or international market.

Executive business administration studies

Senior managers who want to expand their business vision with new insight from the East Asian markets choose Japan as their business administration studies destination. During the 3-5 semesters of EMBA studies, candidates have many opportunities to explore the market's potential and interact with their peers, setting the bases of new practical cooperations. The learning options are flexible, allowing candidates to pursue their careers in parallel, while completing online the course assignments.

Cultural explorations

Japan grounds an impressive confluence between traditional outlooks and modern urban landscapes. The fascination for the Asian early civilization and the interest in today's pace of economy motivate many business enthusiasts to adopt the Japanese principles of living and of doing business. The interaction with the locals, the inspirational talks or the impressive results of Japan's drive to innovate can be the first cultural arguments to further your business education in the region.


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