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Programs in Information Technology. The IT industry relies on skilled and highly educated professionals who bring value into organizations by aligning technology and business strategy. Programs in IT progress students’ managerial and technical skills, enabling them to effectively integrate information and communication technologies into organizations to improve business processes. Find out how IT systems support the achievement of a firm’s objectives - Browse the list of IT programs below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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Case studies within Information Technology

Career opportunities with a degree in Information Technology

For candidates with a degree in IT, job opportunities are endless. There are many positions available in the IT industry sector such as systems analysts, IT developers, database administrators, etc. Some candidates choose to pursue career in SMEs which offer a range of specialized services to clients.

However, almost a half of telecommunications and IT professionals do not work in IT industry. Instead, they gain positions such as IT manager and business analyst and work in theretail, manufacturing, finance or public sectors.

The main responsibilities of an IT manager

Typically, an IT manager’s responsibilities are similar to that of a project manager’s, but in relation to ongoing IT services. IT professionals often conduct various analysis and based on the results, create new technological systems and applications that bring a competitive advantage into an organization.

Another important role of IT managers is to simplify and support the work of other employees and managers. This is achieved through an accurate analysis and an efficient problem solving process that will contribute to a more comfortable business environment.

Which qualities make an outstanding candidate for a job in IT?

In a fast-moving industry as IT, employers are seeking out individuals with the ability to handle numerous challenges. Employers demand that candidates have a high level of technical and analytical skills. Business skills such as risk management, communication and leadership are also valued, especially for individuals who are aiming at managerial or consultant positions.

Core courses in IT programs

Key topics covered in IT programs provide students with crucial technical and management knowledge. A course in business process analysis will develop a candidate’s  understanding of how infrastructure supports business. Candidates will also realize the importance of Business Intelligence and relate BI to organizational strategic processes such as CRM and e-commerce.

Recently, significant attention has been drawn to Big Data. Huge amounts of information are available to any types of firms as such companies demand IT professionals with the ability to process this data and use it to make more efficient business decisions.

The aim of programs in IT

The main purpose of programs in IT is to develop the analytical skills necessary to make decisions that will contribute to a successful business environment. During the program candidates will learn important methodology applied in IT management such as various theories, concepts and analytical techniques.

Skills developed throughout an IT program

The practical aspect of the program include applying reviewed theories and principles to complex organizational situations. The purpose is to develop efficient solutions by integrating IT resources and business strategies.

Programs in IT clearly define the important role of information technology in companies. Candidates gain knowledge in designing and developing various IT systems that deliver sustainability and value for the entire organization. Complete a degree that provides with endless career opportunity – choose a program in IT.