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Master of Science in Information Technology

The University of Liverpool
Program summary
30 months
Online / distance learning

Program description

The overall aim of the Online MSc in Information Technology programme is to enable you to develop your theoretical knowledge of Computer Science, and your practical problem-solving and analytical skills, while your formalise your experience. You will work independently and in groups to research, design, implement and execute creative solutions to IT issues, and will be exposed to cutting-edge IT knowledge and global best practices.

You study and collaborate with classmates who are highly motivated IT professionals from across the world. Together, you bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the virtual classroom. This unique peer network, along with the academics and industry experts who are your instructors, will expose you to cutting-edge IT knowledge and global best practices. You will work independently and in groups to research, design, implement and execute creative solutions to IT issues, thus developing greater confidence and improving your intercultural team-building skills.

Further, you will strengthen your communication and critical thinking abilities as you subject your work and that of your classmates to ongoing analysis and evaluation. Our flexible, customisable programme equips you with the theoretical foundations, practical abilities and ‘soft’ skills that will open the door to previously inaccessible career possibilities.

 Online MSc in Information TechnologyThis programme is accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT for the purposes of fully meeting the further learning academic requirement for registration as a Chartered IT Professional.

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Application and Admission Requirements

information technology managementPrior to taking the MSc in Information Technology from The University of Liverpool Online, the following are required:

                      • Bachelor’s degree equivalent to UK Honours degree.
                      • English equivalent to minimum of IETS test level 6.5 overall.
                      • TOEFL 580 paper based test / 88 Internet based test / TEEP 6.5
                      • 2 years of relevant work experience.

                                  Please note for the Information Technology MSc, The University of Liverpool Online also evaluates applicants on an individual basis. Contact The University of Liverpool Online to learn more

                                  Contact The University of Liverpool to learn more

                                  MSc in Information Technology programme structure:

                                  MSc in Information TechnologyThe Online Information Technology MSc programme begins with Computer Structures, which covers the foundations of computer science. Once this is completed, the student completes 3 more Core modules, and 4 electives enabling them to study as broadly or as specifically as they like, followed by a dissertation.

                                  Your first MSc module will be 9 weeks in length where you begin with a week long brief introduction to the programme, the learning platform and then continue with the module content. Each following module is eight weeks in length. By taking one module at a time you can explore a specific subject in depth without distractions.

                                  Core Modules

                                      • Computer Structures
                                      • Professional Issues in Computing
                                      • Databases OR Computer Communication and Networks
                                      • Object Orientated Programming in Java OR Programming the Internet

                                          Elective modules

                                            • Software Engineering
                                            • Systems Analysis and Design using an Object Oriented Approach
                                            • Management of QA and Software Testing
                                            • Security Engineering
                                            • Computer Forensics
                                            • Operating Systems Concepts
                                            • Programming the internet
                                            • Web XML Applications
                                            • Human-Computer Interaction
                                            • e-Commerce
                                            • Managing the Software Enterprise

                                                Internet Systems MSc Dissertation

                                                The culmination of your programme, this original piece of written work demonstrates your mastery and integration of all the knowledge you have acquired.

                                                An original, scholarly work that applies your new knowledge and work experience; the result must be of merit beyond the narrower scope of your particular need. It should demonstrate your ability to develop and manage autonomous computer science projects. If you wish to follow a Specialisation Track, you must produce your dissertation on an appropriate topic.

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                                                Learning outcomes of the Information Technology MSc:

                                                At the end of the Online MSc in Information Technology programme, you will be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the latest, standards, thinking, terminology and practices in Computer Science.

                                                You will have confidence in your ability to evaluate the latest knowledge, IT issues and methodologies and apply this in practice to the analysis, design, programming and implementation of IT systems.

                                                You will be able to translate operational requirements into clear work processes and fully equipped to lead teams in the IT industry, within IT departments and within global organisations.

                                                Expenses / Tuition Fees

                                                For tuition fee information about the programme, please contact The University of Liverpool here.

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