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3/17/2015 11:47 AM   Jennifer P.
I'm wondering how much time I should put into searching for and applying for MBA scholarships. I can pretty much afford an MBA with my savings but - money is always good ; ) Are they really difficult to get? Has anyone managed to get the bulk of their MBA paid for making it worth the time?

RE: How much time to put into scholarships
3/24/2015 3:17 PM   SearchMBA
Hi Jennifer,

Have you narrowed down your search for an MBA program yet? We have a page with scholarships listed on our site: that could hopefully simplify your search.

The availability of scholarships really depends on you - and the programs you're interested in. I would contact your admissions department and ask them for a list of recommended scholarships to apply for, then give a Google search a go with search terms that specify anything about you that may qualify you for a scholarship. It could be related to your gender, ethnicity, and citizenship, intended field of study or career path, undergraduate alma mater, schools you’re applying to, and any other clearly defined group to which you belong.

This should just take an afternoon and it will give you an initial feel for how lengthy the applications are and if you have the time to apply to them.

Good luck,

RE: How much time to put into scholarships
6/3/2015 1:38 PM   Arnie
How much time vs. money do you have right now? If you're strapped for cash but have a lot of time - investigate every scholarship avenue. If you're super busy then just do a little bit of asking around at the uni you got admitted to.

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