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11/19/2014 9:21 AM   Mark
For the AGSM EMBA, I see that students require a 65% overall mark for GDM in order to progress to SMY. If say you got under 65% can you repeat subjects to get into the SMY?

11/19/2014 11:19 AM   SearchMBA
Hi Mark,

Typically, business schools will allow students to retake courses that they have failed.

However, students are not usually allowed to retake courses that were completed with a pass for the purpose of achieving a higher grade. You should, of course, double check this with AGSM and any other universities that you are considering.



12/4/2014 8:07 AM   Dean
Being able to retake courses in your MBA is an incredibly useful thing to be able to do. While we hope you succeed the first time around, MBA courses are challenging and it is great that business schools give their candidates a second chance to succeed.

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