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3/4/2009 1:37 PM   Nathalie
Hi, I would like to start studying next fall and wonder if someone can recommend some good MBA schools in Germany?

RE: Student
9/17/2009 9:15 AM   Site Manager
post Hi Nathalie,Thanks for your question. There are many MBA course providers in Germany to choose from, but have a look at the MBA programs in Germany that we have listed here. The MBA Program at the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is very recommendable. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask, or 'request more information'Link text and we can help you in detail with your needs and requirements. Thanks, and good luck, Your Findcourses Team

RE: RE: Student
10/6/2009 11:41 AM   Nathalie
Thank you for your help i will look at those links. Has anyone studied in Germany? How much of the MBA program is in German generally? And is it possible to live in Germany without speaking much German? Nathalie

RE: RE: RE: Student
10/9/2009 3:52 PM   Jacob
Hi, i just saw this forum and thought i can recommend studying in Germany. Last year i started my MBA in Berlin, and it was an incredible experience. I am from The Netherlands, and do not speak much German, but i have no problem at all living here. The city is amazing, and there's a wealth of exchange students and international professionals on the course as well as in the city. I guess it depends on the school, but i think generally international MBA's are mostly taught in English, and to enter on the course you have to have a high proficiency in English. Living in Germany is fairly cheap, especially for students, and there's always plenty to do. Hope that is helpful to you! Come to Germany! Jacob

RE: RE: RE: RE: Student
10/14/2009 10:50 AM   Nathalie
Thank you for your advice Jacob. I am really grateful for your feedback, it sounds really good in your experience, and has given me the confidence to apply now. Fingers crossed i get into do my MBA in Germany! Thanks for everything, Nathalie

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