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Project Management

In today’s competitive business environment, organizations seek out professionals with the ability to lead productively. By demonstrating outstanding communication skills and broad knowledge of a firm’s operations, candidates can prove their command of key areas, such assupply chain management and corporate environment.

Advance your skills in developing constructive business strategies, organizing team work efficiently and achieving cost-effective results - Browse the list of Project Management programs below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function

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MSc in Project Management
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The aim of the Online MSc in Project Management programme is to provide the skills necessary to deliver advanced and...
MSc in Project Management Practice
University of Hertfordshire
This MSc in Project Management Practice programme is aimed at experienced managers who are new to project management, or those who have...
MSc in Project Management (Construction and Infrastructure)
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The MSc in Project Management with a specialised track in Construction and Infrastructure provides you with a refined skill-set to...
MSc in Project Management (Oil and Gas)
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The MSc in Project Management with a specialised track in Oil & Gas examines the economic nature and structure of...
MSc in Project Management (Information Technology)
The University of Liverpool
30 months
Online / distance learning
The MSc in Project Management with a specialised track in Information Technology uses real world contemporary information systems applications to...
Master of Science (M.Sc) Business Project Management
24 months
From 12,500 EUR
To develop strategic and managerial skills To master the concepts and tools required in managing a project and a team...
International MBA
International Graduate Center - Hochschule Bremen
1 year
The International Master of Business Administration program offered by the University of Applied Sciences - Hochschule Bremen at the International...
Displaying 1-7 of 7 results

Programs in Project management – developing business and leadership skills

To prepare candidates for a tech-intensive working environment, programs in project management focus on combining theory and practical applications. Students will learn how to plan and manage projects by applying various business concepts and methodology taught throughout the program.

Programs specifically aim to provide candidates with a foundational understanding of project planning in action and cover the various management aspects involved in the process. By completing assignments, candidates will develop a set of skills that they can immediately apply in the work environment.

Core topics covered in the project management program

The aim of a program in project management is to secure candidates’ abilities to compete in a diverse and challenging business environment. Key courses cover a broad range of business disciplines, such as operational and quality management, marketing strategies, international business and corporate leadership.

Candidates will also develop their financial skills by attending courses in accounting and economics to understand the process of budgeting and finance allocation. Finally, courses on information technology are integrated in the program to improve candidate’s knowledge of technology in order to deliver a project at a low cost.

The importance of leadership in project management

Recently, the topic of leadership has been added to project management program curricula to improve candidate’s problem solving abilities. Upon gaining a degree in project management, candidates will be able to demonstrate ability to strategically solve real-life problems from a leadership perspective.

What skills does adegree in project management provide?

Throughout the program, students will gain diverse knowledge in various aspects of project management. They will learn an accurate process of project planning, including methods for choosing appropriate tools and techniques, performing risk and cost analysis, implementing strategies to achieve objectives and so on.

Apart from strategic skills, candidates will develop leadership and communication skills that will ultimately determine the success of a project. It is vital that a project leader is able to coordinate, motivate and provide team with support.

Exploring the career opportunities

A degree in project management opens up doors for numerous job opportunities across various industries. Candidates with an ability to plan, manage and complete projects can secure managerial positions such as project manager, risk manager and quality manager.

Specifically, candidates with this degree are highly valued in sectors such as information science, engineering and construction. They can work as consultants, cost estimators or business developers and manage projects at both the corporate and business levels.

Specialists with advanced knowledge in project management are put in the spotlight since the realization that planning skills determine the success of company operations. Understand the project’s lifecycle, learn to plan, adapt and monitor projects – apply for a degree in Project management.


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