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An organization operating in the nonprofit and public sectors operates for the benefit of civil society and in national financial measurements, its presence indicates a healthy economy. Nonprofit firms seek out individuals with analytical and innovative thinking and the ability to provide collaborative cross-sector solutions. Graduates with a degree in public sector operations and administration are able to manage organizational systems, including budgeting, risk and conflict management, cultural diversity, making them outstanding job candidates. Become an expert in the public sector - Browse the list of Nonprofit & Public Sector programs below and contact admissions officers directly by using the 'request information' function.
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Nonprofit & public sector – unique business systems

The nonprofit & public sectors differ significantly from private firms in that their finance and human recourse management is exceptional. Financial staff in public organizations are continuously challenged by a financial reporting systems with unique features and human resource management which involves a volunteer requirement and an exclusive motivation system.

Career opportunities in the nonprofit & public sector

The public sector provides graduates with diverse jobs, including everything from an administrative position in a museum to developing political campaigns. Upon completing a program, candidates have the chance to enter various industries in the public sector and be in command of international development, environmental and social policies.

A degree in nonprofit & public sector management opens up doors to numerous positions, including work in public and community groups, a board of directors and media companies. A higher managerial role assumes that candidates are able to handle clients and provide them with the best service. Apart from pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector, candidates also have the possibility to enter private sector.

Programs in the nonprofit & public sector

Programs in the nonprofit & public sector focus on the structure of the nonprofit sector and explain which problems mayarise in the field and efficient ways to deliver public services. Candidates will progress their knowledge within these sectors and become equipped with skills necessary to successfully achieve stated tasks.

Key topics covered throughout programs in nonprofit & public sector management

The majority of program curricula include essential business disciplines, such as financial management, budgeting, leadership and strategic planning. The development of financial and managerial skills will enable candidates to efficiently handle their administrative responsibilities.

Another important topic that programs in nonprofit & public sector management covers is diversity. Students will develop their knowledge in ethics and cross-cultural communication, as such skills determine one’s success in managing and working with employees of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

What skills come with a degree in nonprofit & public sector?

Upon completing a program, candidates will gain extended knowledge in the operations of nonprofit organizations. Graduates will be able to integrate theories they have learnt throughout the program in their everyday work.

With a clear understanding of value-based and financial management, candidates will have the ability to carry out strategic planning, implement effective strategy and monitor the execution process.

Programs for the nonprofit & public sector provide candidates with organizational management theories and practices that prepare them for the challenges that public sector brings. Graduates will be equipped with financial and leadership skills that allow them to effectively handle their responsibilities. If you want to transform the public sector and improve its efficiency in delivering services, a program in nonprofit & public sector management is for you!


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