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Doctor of Education (Higher Education)

The University of Liverpool
Program summary
4 years
Online / distance learning

Program description

Doctor of Education ( EdD) - Higher Education Online Programme with The University of Liverpool Online

What is an EdD?

  • A professional doctorate in education that produces a qualification which, whilst being equivalent in status and challenge to a PhD in Education, is a practically oriented doctoral programme that allows students to create and apply actionable, research-based, knowledge, and critical thinking skills
  • Students initially participate in the programme as part of a learning community, before working on an original, scholarly, piece of research

The University of Liverpool’s Doctor of Education - Higher Education (EdD) is a professional doctoral programme focussed on the latest practice, research, and leadership thinking within Higher Education environments. The programme places great emphasis on the development of a deep understanding of universities, operating in a global context, as places of learning and as learning institutions.

Delivered 100% online and supported by rich media - the focus of the programme is on the use of professional knowledge, academic and policy literature, and published and personal research to promote the leader at the heart of institutional development. 

The EdD programme aims to deliver a professional practitioner who is insightful, reflective, confident working with published materials, and capable of creating exceptional practical, research informed knowledge as a leader in Higher Education environments.

One key feature of University of Liverpool online EdD students is their drive and aspiration to be creative, visionary and effective leaders within their organisations with a truly global perspective of Higher Education. And more than just personal satisfaction and career benefits, our students are motivated by the desire to implement change, and make a difference in their organisations and wider community.

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Application and Admission Requirements

doctor of education - higher education online degree programmeThe Doctor of Education - Higher Education Online Programme with The University of Liverpool Online, is suitable for delegates pursuing professional routes within an academic career, or those wanting a professional
services career.

EdD graduates should be well placed to compete for promotion and leadership responsibilities in high-level professional positions in the broad field of education.

Career destinations may include roles such as consultants, middle/senior managers, or administrators working in contexts such as educational development, learning development, planning and policy development, and Departmental or Faculty leadership where learning and teaching are the principal focus.

With an emphasis on Higher Education and leadership in environments open to international influences, the
University of Liverpool’s EdD can serve a variety of professional audiences. The programme will be particularly appealing to:

  • Senior professionals in Higher Education seeking to extend their knowledge of Higher Education and skills in educational leadership and management
  • Education practitioners seeking advancement into international education environments
  • Education professionals who are seeking a career shift from an academic focus to an administration and leadership focus
  • Academics who want to extend their knowledge and understanding of Higher Education and leadership within their discipline and beyond
  • Academic professionals who wish to focus their development as teachers and pursue the scholarship of teaching and pedagogic research

Please note for the Online DBA, The University of Liverpool Online also evaluates applicants on an individual basis.

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Duration of the Doctor of Education - Higher Education Online Programme

The Doctor of Education - Higher Education Online Programme will take takes between 3.5 and 4.5 years based
on the recommended study schedule. Should students need to alter their study path due to work or family
commitments, they can do so in consultation with their Student Support Manager.

  • Course work: 2.5 years
  • Thesis: 1 – 2 years

The EdD offers students:

  • A curriculum constructed from an international perspective –using research, case studies, policy and academic literature from international sources – to complete the international experience
  • A pedagogy based around forms of collaborative inquiry – whereby a group of educators from diverse backgrounds, study their own practice, develop their capacity to engage in research, and share results of their studies to deepen the understanding of every individual in the class
  • An opportunity for transformative personal impact via the Doctoral Development Plan (DDP), a unique module designed to facilitate students’ understanding and experience of the personal transformation process. It captures the student’s reflections in their personal transformation to becoming a doctoral scholar and practitioner, supports the creation of a doctoral level professional knowledge portfolio, and further develops critical thinking skills.

Doctor of Education - Higher Education Online Programme structure

doctor of education - higher education - online degree programmeThe Doctor of Education - Higher Education Online Programme is comprised of nine modules (30 credits per module), the Doctoral Development Plan (90 credits), and culminating in a thesis (worth 180 credits).

The first module is twelve weeks in length and each subsequent module is ten weeks. Modules are sequenced in an order that is best suited to the students’ development on the programme.

Preparatory Modules

  • Student Readiness Orientation
  • Foundations for Academic Success

Core Modules

  • Doctoral Development Plan
  • Becoming a Doctoral Practitioner
  • Learners and Learning
  • Learning: Environments, Infrastructures and Organisations
  • Ways of Knowing: Perspectives on Educational Research and Practice
  • Values in Educational Research and Practice
  • Leadership, Policy and Institutional Change
  • Educational Research Methods
  • Action Research for Educational Leadership
  • Internationalisation and the Impact of Global Trends 
  • Thesis

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Expenses / Tuition Fees

For tuition fee information about the programme, please contact The University of Liverpool Online here.

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