Business Programs in Ireland

The educational system in is highly advanced in Ireland offering different modes of postgraduate business studies. MBA programs are very popular in Ireland as several universities and colleges offer these programs both online and in-class settings. Request information to learn more about MBA programs in Ireland and get in touch with university admissions officers.
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MBA Programs in Ireland

An MBA is considered as a highest degree in many fields of business studies and its importance in the past few decades has risen drastically. MBAs come in handy during different promotional opportunities and help people diverge into different fields of work such as pharmaceuticals, tourism, banking, healthcare and engineering among several others.

Ireland and its professional sectors

Ireland, situated in the North Atlantic, is an island and is the second-largest island of the British Isles. The economy of Ireland consists of several commercial business sectors but some of the most prolific sectors are IT, energy, manufacturing and business sectors.

MBA course content

Some of the essentials covered in the MBA programs in Ireland include strategic planning, human resources essentials, strategic marketing, social marketing, financial management, cost accounting, managerial accounting, and micro and macro economics. The professional MBA programs in Ireland are available in different durations:

  •         Two year traditional MBA – these programs are usually full time and have six month internships
  •         Part time MBA –these MBA programs are tailored for working professionals who get the flexibility of attending classes and assessments during fixed days of the week.
  •         Accelerated one year MBA

One of the biggest advantages of MBA programs in Ireland is that there are a variety of concentrations to choose from namely, operations, management, strategic management, business policy, human resources, economics, finance and accounting.

Training format of MBA programs

The acclaimed universities and colleges in Ireland offer MBAs in traditional classroom settings as well as online programs. Online courses in Ireland are very popular owing to their main attributes of being convenient and flexible, usually for business professionals who have time and geographic limitations.

Job prospects in Ireland

The job prospects in the business sector of Ireland are improving. Even at times of economic crisis, the job prospects in the business sector of Ireland do not decrease significantly, according to the recent employment ratios. The business sector always seems to be in need of skilled personnel that have MBA degrees, which  are valued very highly. A holder of an MBA degree is often guaranteed a high salary job or promotion to senior management positions.

Business know-how can aid in getting jobs in different sectors such as engineering or pharmaceuticals as well as the health sector. As the economy of Ireland focuses on the energy sector, it provides a lot of employment opportunities for business professionals with credentials. Apart from the energy industry, Ireland has many services providing business which require professionals trained in business administration and managerial qualities. Due to the need for polished business and management skills in different industries, an increasing number of people are opting for certifications in MBA to broaden their skills, qualifications and knowledge to increase career opportunities.


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