MBA in Hospitality & Tourism programs

MBA in Hospitality & Tourism

MBA programs with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism give students the opportunity to build a foundation in business and management while allowing the student to specialize their education in the area of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Graduates of these programs will be better equipped for advanced careers in the accommodation, entertainment, food service and tourism industries. We have listed a number of MBA programs specializing in Hospitality and Tourism throughout the world below. On each program you find information about content, admission process, and tuition costs. additionally, you can make an information request to receive a list of programs tailored to your specific requirements.
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More about MBA in Hospitality & Tourism programs

MBA program in hospitality and tourism managementTourism is a large industry and is a significant factor in driving local economies. Hotels and restaurants play a large role in facilitating tourism and the revenue generation that it brings. MBA programs in Hospitality and Tourism aim to give individuals interested in pursuing a career in Hospitality and Tourism a competitive advantage in the job market. 

An MBA in Hospitality and Tourism will facilitate the process behind everything from building and maintaining lodging operations to restaurant logistics and planning. Participants will learn the most important aspects of customer service, experience marketing and service quality management. Through the combination of a deeper and broader business education with specialized courses in hospitality and tourism, students will build significant management potential and be uniquely prepared to tackle issues in the tourism industry. 

Hospitality and Tourism MBA Curriculum

Like other MBA programs, an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism will concentrate on foundational elements in business administration such as management, finance and marketing, throughout the first year of study. Many two-year programs offer students the ability to tailor the second year of their MBA experience with elective courses in their chosen fields. An MBA in Hospitality and Tourism offers curriculum specializing in the area of tourism and hospitality management. Coursework will include topic such as, service operations analysis, organizational behavior in the hospitality industry, financial management for the hospitality industry, restaurant development, ethics and laws in the tourism industry, and hospitality marketing management. 

Study Plans & Schedules

MBA programs in Hospitality and Tourism are offered in various study schedules to fit into delegates' busy lives. Participants may choose to study in a full-time traditional classroom program, or a part-time program. Part-time MBA programs are designed to enable participants to continue working in their respective careers while attending class on nights or weekends. Additionally, individuals may find that an online program could better fit their needs. Online programs give individuals the chance to obtain an MBA degree without having to attend in-class lectures. Regardless of schedule or personal commitments, there are many options for individuals looking for a specialized Hospitality and Tourism MBA program.

MBA or MBA in Hospitality and Tourism - Which is right for me?

An MBA in Hospitality and Tourism and a traditional MBA differ in the number of specialized courses included in the program. In a Hospitality and Tourism MBA program, elective courses are specifically designed for individuals interested in developing the skills necessary to operate as a manager in the tourism industry. While a general management MBA program gives individuals broad general knowledge that is applicable to many different industries, a MBA program that is specialized in Hospitality and Tourism will offer a more niched education.


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