General Management MBAs in Barcelona

MBAs in Hospitality & Tourism combine business with the adventure of the hospitality & tourism industries. In Barcelona, an MBA in Hospitality & Tourism is a ticket into the thriving Catalonian tourism industry. Barcelona, among the cultural capitals of the world, is an ideal location for professionals craving the excitement of a top career in hospitality management and tourism. Below, you will find a list of competitive MBA programs in Hospitality & Tourism Management in Barcelona.
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Hospitality and Tourism MBAs in Barcelona

Barcelona, owing to its dynamic culture and highly commercial nature of businesses, presents many opportunities for professional development and acclaimed university education for ambitious graduates. An MBA has become the qualifying criteria for professional recruitment in different sectors of corporate working. Hospitality and management can be ideal sector for professionals looking to add a bit of glamour in their lives along with exceptional benefits and dynamic management experiences.

MBAs in Hospitality & Tourism

Considering the current job market and the competition for limited opportunities and resources, the importance of getting an MBA cannot be undermined. An MBA in hospitality and tourism opens many opportunities for professionals in the management sector of giant chains of hotels, restaurants, tourism organizations and other service-oriented professions. Some of the concepts covered in the MBA programs are:

  • Hotel Operations
  • Hospitality Personnel Management
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Production Management
  • Marketing
  • Nutrition
  • Business communication
  • Business Information Systems
  • Hotel Management
  • Event management
  • Tourism guides
  • Language and culture dynamics
  • Tourism Policy and Planning

MBAs in Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism management includes interdisciplinary practices of service, management, marketing and operations management. Over the years, the importance of these training programs have increased rapidly due to the rise of hotels and fine dining restaurants, resorts and touristic income in the recent times. Barcelona, the capital of Spain, is rich in commerce and business sectors emphasizing the importance of hospitality and tourism MBAs.

MBA program formats

MBAs cater to the professional needs of working people and graduates who sometimes require flexibility in getting taught courses. Thus, many universities in Barcelona provide MBAs in Hospitality and Tourism in different formats, such as:

  •         Traditional two-year MBA programs- including an internship at the end of the duration of the taught courses
  •         One year accelerated MBAs
  •         Three-year part-time MBA programs

Barcelona: A land of opportunity

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is one of the most populated cities of Spain. Its inviting business climate and rich culture draws in ambitious professionals from different corners of the continent who are seeking to take advantage of the great and dynamic professional development opportunities.

Barcelona is among the greatest touristic attractions in the world with dynamic cultural attractions and artistic places of interest. Barcelona is an influential force in the global map, as an epitome of entertainment, arts, media, fashion, science and is one of the global cities of the world. Trade and merchandising are some of the successful high-earning economic sectors in Barcelona. It is the 14th most livable city in the world and hosts some of the biggest trade and fair exhibitions in Europe. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, Barcelona provides many professionals training opportunities in hospitality and tourism to interested professionals and ambitious graduates.

Career prospects for professionals

Some of the common jobs occupied by professionals with MBAs or other higher degrees in Tourism and Hospitality include accommodation managers, catering managers, tourist managers, guides, event organizers and marketing professionals in different organizations.


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