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MBA Programs in China

MBA Programs in China

Business administration studies in China

An MBA program in China opens many gates to international business managers that devote their MBA study to optimizing their business strategy and expanding their venture on Asian grounds. As the largest and fastest growing of the BRIC countries, China offers a large exporting market, a generous workforce and flexible business collaborations. Executive education and masters programs in business administration prepare the candidates to meet global challenges and help their venture gain new dimensions on the global market.

Select MBA courses offered by prestigious academic institutions in China and gain new practical insights on the Asian business climate. The MBA programs abroad and other international training collaborations support your choice with a flexible course curriculum tailored to your business profile.

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Full-time MBA China
Vlerick Business School
If you are thinking of doing business in or with China, then you should take the international MBA program of...
Boston International MBA
Boston University School of Management
1 year
Multiple (3)
Do you understand the advantages and limitations of international deal-making? Do you embrace global thinking? Are you open to widely...
Full-time MBA programme
China Europe International Business School
18 months
In a constantly changing business environment, leaders must be equipped with a broad set of skills. They must be able...
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
CUHK Business School has pioneered in business education and launched MBA Programs since 1966, the first of its kind in...
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
The JD/MBA program is jointly hosted by the CUHK Faculty of Law and Business School. The MBA and law courses...
International Triple Accredited Full-Time MBA
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
5.0 (3)
2 years
The IMBA program at ACEM is unique in that it offers students a global perspective with a Chinese focus, taught...
Full-time MBA
Hong Kong UST Business School
16 months
Hong Kong
A major reason for many students taking a full-time MBA is to be able to advance or open up new...
Part time MBA
Hong Kong UST Business School
Hong Kong
The HKUST MBA curriculum is designed to develop your ability to operate successfully in a global economy, and manage effectively...
MBA & MA in East Asian Studies Joint program
University of Virginia: Darden School of Business
Multiple (4)
The MBA/MA program is a joint arrangement between Darden School of Business Administration and the East Asia Center. It enables...
Displaying 1-9 of 9 results

More about MBA Programs in China

Hong Kong by nightThe Chinese business environment

China's recent growth and the optimist predictions about its long-term development make the largest Asian country a default business destination for entrepreneurs and experienced business executives. With the largest population in the world and tremendous potential in the manufacture of goods and the delivery of services, China safely moves towards becoming the leading economic player in the world.

Economic reforms in China as well as the parallel growth of the four "Asian tigers" - Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea - make the Asian business environment more accessible to foreign investors.

Business education in China

MBA programs for international applicants who are interested in the Chinese market development offer a competitive curriculum and a degree with worldwide recognition. The executive masters addressed to experience leaders who want to develop partnerships in China preserve the global focus in training and practice. As for a typical MBA program, admission requirements include high academic achievements and practical expertise. The core curriculum offers courses in general management, finance, decision-making, risk management and communication, leaving many free choices for individually-designed curricula.

Chinese education providers have recently developed into international partnerships with universities in Europe and the United States, which also offer joint programs and semesters abroad. Because of its global focus, business education in China closely resembles the Western model.

Education in Hong Kong

Historical connections and constant economic exchanges between China and Hong Kong are also reflected in the education systems of both countries. Moreover, Hong Kong has designed its entire school curriculum, from primary school to course catalogue for the university, after the British model. The competitiveness of the MBA education and the incentive to stay updated as a business experts through lifelong learning are another aspects that highlight the quality of the MBA education in China and Hong Kong.

Networking opportunities

The dynamic and culturally diverse Asian environment reunites business professionals from all over the world. Professional interaction throughout MBA programs is one more opportunity to speak out your business projects and turn them into active partnerships on the Chinese market. If you are eager to discover all the cultural codes making China so persevering in its economic growth, you may also attend Chinese/Mandaring language training for business. This is how you will be able to directly negotiate with local professionals and understand the work ethics building a competitive economy.


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