MBA Programs in Argentina

Business administration studies in Argentina. MBA programs and executive education in Argentina have become increasingly popular for entrepreneurs and managers who want to develop their ventures abroad and learn optimal strategies for development in the Latin America. Argentina provides an efficiency-driven economic market and opportunities for innovation in the services sector, supported by a dynamic environment for international communication and policy-making. Business administration studies for international applicants are excellent opportunities for networking and long-term partnerships in Argentina and beyond. Select an MBA program or executive education degree in Argentina and benefit from the best training in business for practical application in the Latin America. Prestigious faculty and entrepreneurs will provide practical guidance and the latest theoretical insight for your professional development in the region.
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More about MBA Programs in Argentina

Business opportunities in Argentina

Baroque Architecture in Buenos AiresArgentina has one of the most advanced economies in the South America, which is reflected in the high GDP per capita and high purchasing power parity. The comparably high standards of living make Argentina a suitable environment for starting new business inspired by the local potential and resources.

High performance in the services sector, agriculture and natural resources exploitation make Argentina the optimal environment for foreign direct investment and trade in these sectors. The quality-orientation of the local owners, trade openness and the state support policies for new ventures are other encouraging premises of the Argentinian economy.

MBA Programs' Structure and Requirements

The admission to MBA programs in Argentina is based on the candidate's overall performance in practical business activities, academic success and a convincing interview impression with the admission officers. A competitive profile and creative ideas for new ventures will enable the candidates to actively use the theoretical knowledge and the experts' guidance throughout their MBA study. The programs' structure is inspired by the international model and global training principles in business administration.

The core modules of an MBA program in Argentina include training in general management, finance, business law, international marketing, strategic/change management etc. The electives' curriculum leaves many choices to the candidates, who can customize their training to a concrete business plan in the region or abroad. Prestigious business schools in Argentina develop partnerships with institutions on all continents which allows the candidates to spend a semester of more abroad, in field work, internships or international business projects.

Executive Education Degrees

Executive education degrees (EMBA) or doctoral studies in Argentina provide excellent networking opportunities for business professionals from similar industry branches. Exchanging ideas and sollutions for the local and global economic environment is done at best on an academic platform that supports creativity, risk-awareness and quality-orientation for the global business environment.

the flexible options of learning in executive education enable the candidates to pursue their careers in parallel to achieving a business-academic acknowledgement. The virtual platform of study and assistance from the faculty will allow the professionals to travel and study at a pace their own.

Tourism in Argentina

The cosmopolitan outlook of regions like Buenos Aires, Cordoba, La Plata attracts tourists and professionals interested in sightseeing and active opportunities for development. The Argentinian tango, the energy and the hospitality of the people are only some vibrant images that invite to an in-depth exploration of tradition and the cultural heritage.

Spanish is the official language of Argentina and the most natively spoken on the continent. Business enthusiasts with a taste for local interaction choose additional language training for business. A flexible negotiation with the Argentinian partners or simple inspirational talks with the locals grant a significant push forward for your business.