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MBA in Marketing programs

MBA in Marketing programs

MBA programs with a specialization in Marketing will focus on giving participants the skills and knowledge to enter the field of Marketing. Organizations rely on knowledgable marketing professionals to implement strategic communication activities in order to increase product awareness, customer loyalty and sales. 

While MBA programs with a marketing specialization may vary between business schools, but the overarching goal of a Marketing MBA is to provide delegates with the necessary knowledge needed to effectively and successfully work within the marketing or Advertising Department. Individuals looking to work in the area of marketing should consider pursuing an MBA in Marketing, as it will give them a career advantage in a highly competitive job market. Please observe the list of top Marketing MBA programs located around the world below. Request more information to receive a list of program tailored to your specific needs.

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MBA with Digital Marketing
Nottingham Trent University Business School
The MBA Digital Marketing program is designed to allow students to develop a critical understanding of the theoretical concepts, techniques...
MBA - International Marketing
EU Business School
5.0 (1)
1 year
Multiple (4)
This full-time MBA in International Marketing is an internationally accredited program by the EU Business School. Candidates will receive the benefits...
MBA: Marketing and Sales
Eurasian Management and Administration School
Multiple (2)
It’s an advanced consulting and education program for those who need to obtain modern management skills. It’s aimed at people...
Executive MBA: Strategic Management Marketing and Sales
Eurasian Management and Administration School
Multiple (2)
It’s an advanced premium consulting and education program for those who need to obtain modern management skills. It’s aimed at...
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Webster University Thailand
15 months
The Master of Business Administration program offered by Webster University Thailand is designed for professionals that are aiming for success, and...
MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science
emlyon business school
16 months
The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science is a 16-month (minimum) program designed to grow a new generation of...
Master of Science (M.Sc) Digital Marketing
24 months
From 12,500 EUR
The constantly evolving market requires innovative, agile approaches to management: Understanding the most appropriate forms of communication for new exchange...
MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing
emlyon business school
16 months
Thanks to this program, you’ll acquire the basics of management; discover how to apply specialist management knowledge to the luxury...
DBA: Strategic Management Marketing and Sales
Eurasian Management and Administration School
Multiple (2)
It’s a top-class consulting and education program for those who need to obtain modern management skills with a focus on...
Displaying 1-9 of 9 results

More about MBA in Marketing programs

MBA in Marketing programsSpecialized MBA programs in Marketing

Marketing is a unique area of business administration that combines both creative and analytical elements. Individuals working in Marketing are responsible for identifying a company's target customer and strategizing how to best communicate with that customer in order to build a relationship and brand loyalty. Individuals with an MBA in Marketing are vital to an organization's growth as they are able to analyze prospective new markets and understand customer needs and wants, which results in increased profitability.

MBA graduates with a marketing specialization offer unique value to both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) organizations. Individuals interested in marketing or advertising, or to those already working in these departments, should consider enrolling in a Marketing MBA program in order to advance their careers, creativity, and improve their management skills. MBA programs with a specialization in marketing will enable individuals to manage and implement communication strategies in order to deliver superior customer value.  

Marketing MBA Curriculum

The curriculum for a MBA in Marketing can concentrate on areas such as marketing management, product development, marketing strategy, international marketing, market research, forecasting methods, and more. Coursework may also include elements of advertising, retail merchandising, and entrepreneurship. In addition to these highly specialized courses, MBA programs in Marketing will also give students foundational knowledge of other core business areas such as finance and accounting.

Study Plans & Schedules

MBA programs in Marketing are offered in various forms to fit a variety of personal commitments and schedules. Delegates may choose to study in a full-time, in-classroom program, or a part-time program, which enables participants the continue working in their respective careers. Additionally, individuals may find that an online program could better fit their needs. Online programs give individuals the chance to obtain an MBA degree without having to attend in-class lectures. Regardless of schedule or personal commitments, there are many options for individuals looking for a specialized Marketing MBA program.

MBA or MBA in Marketing - Which is right for me?

Traditional MBAs and MBAs in Marketing are different regarding the number of specialized marketing courses included in the program. In a traditional MBA program, students are required to complete course work in a variety of areas concerning business administration. Thus, allowing the individual to gain employment in a number of different industries. An MBA that is specialized in marketing gives students the ability to tailor their coursework to better fit their interests, enabling them to explore deeper into the field of marketing than a traditional MBA would. While a specialized MBA will touch upon broad elements of business administration, its key learning outcome is to provide specific knowledge in a specific field.

Full-time MBA in Marketing programs Full-Time MBA in Marketing programs
Part-time MBA in Marketing programs Part-Time MBA in Marketing programs
Executive Education Marketing programs Post-Graduate Marketing programs


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